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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - Chennai & 14.06.2019
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It was a pleasant experience to atten the interview it is about 5 rounds.

1. Aptitude.
2. Story writing.
3. Technical.
4. Technical HR.
5. General HR.

The aptitude is not that much difficult it is easy to clear totally there are 7 sections and 75 questions with verbal, arithmetic, logical, reasoning etc.

After finishing this section if you are cleared the next round will begin unfortunately if not it displays try next time the second round is simple I got a home picture with some people\'s we should write a story in positive manner and without grammar mistakes after that they will make you to wait then they announce the list of cleard students they were taken to online technical test it\'s all about basic of the concepts after that if you cleared you will taken for technical hr it\'s easy round they ask about some concepts like oops spring and java and some basic programs like fibbinocci, biggest among three numbers.

If you cleard this round you will cleard upto 99 percent after that it is so easy in final hr they will check year communication alone.

After cleard all the round I got selected in that interview. All the best for all others.