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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - ABES college, Ghaziabad, 01/02/2019
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It was off campus at ABES college, Ghaziabad. The procedure was very easy there was a total of 4 stages:

1. Aptitude round.
2. Story writing.
3. Technical round.
4. HR.

Starting with APTITUDE there were 7 sections in total.

It was easy all you need is to secure min cutoff of 60% in every section. Believe me, it was not hard to clear at all.

Those who have cleared the aptitude round will get access to the story writing and those who couldn\'t see a message "sorry try next time".

I got a picture of a boy studying.

We have to write a story based on the picture and the time given was 15 minutes. To clear this all you need is the presence of mind. Because you have to write a story and simple sentences will do wonders.

Those who clear the writing test will move to the technical round.

TR: Resume is the question paper for us so, all you have to do is go through your resume and Know your groud.
HR: This round depends on the person who takes your interview so be prepared with some typical HR questions.

That\'s all and remember each round is an elimination round so do your best.