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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - Kolkata, 14 October 2017
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Sukanta Chatterjee
Hi guys,

I am gonna share my interview experience and hope it may help you lot.

Techmahindra organised a pool campusing on 14 october,2016 at kolkata and aproximate 275 students from different colleges were appeared for the campusing and 37 were selected.

TechMahindra conducted 4 rounds.

1. Written Test(Here we had 7 sections and each section had individual cut-off of 60%.)
2. Essay writing.
3. Technical Interview.
4. HR interview.

First they gave a presentation about their company for not more than 25 min.

We were asked to arrive at sharp 9 am in the morning.

**Written test:

It was on Aptitude and English.

Here we had 75 questions to be completed within 50 mins.No negative marking.The qustion was quite moderate,but don\'t worry guys, time management is the main factor in this sction.
I managed to answer all the question just when 2 min left. Most of the questions was common to me excluding the english part.Some of the questions were given from previous papers.

So, better to prepare previous papers thoroughly.
English was little tough than expected.

Out of 275, 253 cleared the 1st round. And I was one of them.

**Essay writing:

A picture will come in the monitor and you have to realise what the inner meaning of this picture, what it actually want to say and the you have to write an essay.

On it within 200 words more or less , without grammatical error and spelling mistake. The time was 15 minutes (5 min for realising the picture and remaining time to
write on it.) I wrote the essay using very simple english words without grammatical error and spelling mistake.

Then I was waiting for the 2nd round result at the auditorium. After half an hour my name was announced for the next round, which was the technical interview and had got something relief.

**Technical Interview:

I entered the room gently.
The first question was " what is your name? ".

I told.

Then he asked many family members I have? , What your fathers do ? etc back to back.

Going through my resume\', he asked what programming languages you know?
I answered C language, basics of Java.

Asked to "write a flow cahrt on what you did since the morning to till now" and code it in C language. I was pretty stunned and started writing the flow chart and when
I started coding it he stopped me and asked another question which was "write any c program which cover almost all the features of c language?"

I wrote it and he told me "You are technically very good and you may go to the HR round.Thank you".I smiled and he smiled back. End of technical interview.

**HR interview:
HR interview was conducted as 1:3 ratio.
First question to me was " Why you have chosen IT?" because I am a IT student. I told a very good answer. He was impressed.

He went through the application form.

Asked what is IT. I explained briefly and lastly he told me if you have any question you may ask me.(Remember always try to ask a question,it shows your positive attitude.)

He answered nicely when asked him the question "what quality an employee should have to be a good employee?
Thats it.

We had to wait aprox 1.5 hour for the final result.

In the evening, the results were announced.

And finally, I got selected for TechMahindra. Very happy for that.

Always have confidence and maintain your cool nature in every round.

I too was rejected in CTS/Fusion Charts. So don\'t discourage yourself if you don\'t get into TechMahindra. Life gives us many opportunities, just proper utilization of them is important.

All the very best! :)