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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - PSIT, Kanpur 24-09-2016
Posted by :
Sakshi gahoi
My interview experience with Tech Mahindra.

Hello everyone, I am Sakshi Gahoi and I appeared for the Tech Mahindra campus drive at PSIT, Kanpur on 24th September 2016.

The eligibility criteria was:-

- 60% in Xth.
- 70% in Xllth.
- 60% in B.Tech.
- No backlogs.
- Max 1 year gap between studies.

Following the above criteria, 215 candidates were eligible in PSIT.

There were 4 rounds in the selection procedure:-

1. Written exam.
2. Essay writing.
3. Technical interview.
4. HR interview.

The written exam:

It consisted of 75 questions to be answered in 50 mins. These 75 questions were distributed into 7 sections, each having different number of questions and a sectional cutoff. There was an overall cutoff as well.

There were sections like,

- Verbal reasoning - 20 questions (analogies, spelling).
- Reading passage - (4-5) questions (very easy passage).
- Quantitative aptitude - around 20 questions (based on simple mathematics).
- Figure- based questions - (5-7).
- Paragraph - 5 questions (logical puzzle).
- English- 10 questions (sentence ordering, fill with correct word, preposition, pronoun).
- Non verbal reasoning - 15 questions.

** First try to do the questions you have confidence in.

** Don\'t spend much time on questions that need a lot of calculation.

** You can switch between the sections, so choose the questions you do wisely.

** Try to attempt as many questions as possible as there is no negative marking. Once you submit your written exam. If you qualify, the screen displays.

"congratulations" and if not then "sorry".

Then I continued with the test.

The second round was the essay writing.

A random picture was displayed on the screen and we had to type an essay or story based on that picture. The word limit is 200 words or approx 1200 characters.

** First create an outline of what you want to write, then start typing.

** Try to write about the positive aspect of the picture.

** Just keep on typing until you get a prompt "1200 characters exceeded, anything you type next will be truncated."

** They evaluate the essay on the basis of correct sentence formation, introduction-body-conclusion, spelling.

After the essay round, I was asked to wait for the results. After about an hour the results were announced. Only 61 qualified the essay round.

Next was the technical interview round. After waiting for about 3 hours, I went for my technical interview at 6\'o clock. The interview went like this,

I- Give a brief introduction about yourself.
Me- (I gave my introduction starting with my name, place I belong to, education, hobbies and interests, academic strengths and subjects of interest.)

I- Okkay, you know data structures, name a few data structures.
Me- (I mentioned a few data structures like linked list, stack, queue, etc.)

I- What is stack?
Me- (explained with details and a real life example)

I- What is a linked list?
Me- (explained with details and structure of linked list)

I- Can you write the code for deletion of a node from linked list?
Me- (took a sheet and started to write)

Meanwhile, he asks me if it was okay for me to be posted in Chennai. I replied with a \'yes\' and continued writing the code.

I- He asked about doubly linked list.
Me- I explained.

He then asked about circular linked list. I explained.

Then after a few minutes, he asked for the sheet. I was still writing the code but he asked to give the sheet to him. He went through the code. And as it was incomplete he asked me to just explain the logic of deletion of node.

I tried to explain but I think he was not convinced by my explanation. Then he explained that to me.

He then asked - "can we insert a node in a linked list only at front and end or anywhere?"
I answered it correctly.

I- He then asked the same question about arrays.
Me- I answered.

With this, my technical interview finished and I was asked to wait for the HR interview. After an hour, I was sitting outside the interview room with four other candidates, waiting for my turn.

Then someone told us that a set of documents along with the CV were asked for everyone started arranging their documents. And I was just flipping through my folder searching for the photocopies. I did not have the photocopies of any of the mark sheets. It was already 7:30 pm and the photocopy shops in the college were closed. I became very tensed and did not knew what to do. Then one of my friend told that there is a photocopy machine in the HR cell. I quickly went there, had all the photocopies done and went back to the interview room.

** Do keep two sets of photocopies of all your documents with you at the time of interview.

After waiting for another 15 minutes, I was called inside the room. I greeted him and handed over the documents to him.

HR- What does your father do?

HR- How many siblings do you have?

HR- What do they do?

HR- Did you not apply for Infosys?
(My sister works at Infosys)
Me- I did but could not clear the interview round.

HR- Why?
Me- I could not explain them about something.

HR- What was that?
Me- It was about the project.

HR- Can you explain that now?
Me- Yes sir.
(Explained the project and answered a few questions related to the project)

HR- Are you over qualified or under qualified for the job?
Me- I am surely not over qualified for the job, but I can not say that I am under qualified.

HR- Over qualified or under qualified?
Me- (I tried to explain my answer in a diplomatic way)

* This happened like for 5-6 times.

HR- I don\'t want diplomatic answer. Just choose one.
Me- (thought for a couple of seconds) sir I am under qualified for the job.

HR- If you are under qualified for the job, then I must not hire you?
Me- (with a smile on my face) sir that is your point of view, and it differs from mine.

HR- Then explain your point of view.
Me- Sir right now I have just came into the 4th year of B.Tech and I still have a lot to learn. So presently I am under qualified. When I complete my and have learned skills needed in your organization, then I would be qualified for the job. And when I join your organization and complete the 6 months training program and gain a bit of experience then surely I would be over qualified for the post of a trainee.

(Still smiling)

HR- Thank you, Sakshi for your time.
Me- Thank you, sir. (Left the room )

(Still smiling )

** I didn\'t know if I would be selected or not, but proving my point to the HR was the best part of the interview.

** Just be confident about what you say. The interviewer will push you hard that you change your answer, but you need to stay strong and stick with your views (if you believe that your views are correct).

** Smile in situations of stress.

** Answer very politely.