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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - Bangalore&29th Dec 2016
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Subham Kumar
Hi guys,

I would like share my experience of TechM. I am selected in TechM because I never lost my hope and confident. So I want to say you all that "KEEP TRY UNTIL SUCCESS MEET" with your 100% effort. You will surely place 100%.

TechM process is easy only biggest hurdle is Aptitude. So if you are going for TechM then focus on aptitude and time management. If you have command on these two you will surely get TechM.

1) Written test (7 sections):

Guys, it is easy it is of general English and aptitude just refer IndiaBix model. We had 50 mins for 75 questions so manage time as well.

If you clear the 1st round you will get congratulations you are selected for next round or else if you don\'t it says thank you for taking test.

2) 2nd round is about picture writing, you need to write story on seeing picture. You need to write 1200 characters (200 words) in 15 mins.

I got a picture of "four people standing and their eyes are tied with a cloth" and my friend got "a multimedia phone". So you have to think about these type of topic with valid points. And also do not forget to conclude in last. And I am selected for technical round.

3) Technical Hr round:

This is very average level interview. You should focus on your project explain it very carefully. And show confident by your voice and behavior. Keep smiling in interview pretend that you are talking to a normal person.

In my interview,
1st question is Tell me about yourself
2nd Tell me about your project
3rd Difference between C and Data Structure.
4th What is OOPs principal
5th What is interface
6th what is overloading and overriding
7th which keyword is used in inheritance
8th which keyword is used in interface
I explained each definition and they didn\'t tell me to write any program but I asked the paper to explain my inheritance, overloading and overriding. This shows thatI was confident. And I was selected for HR.

4) Personal HR round:

In HR this is formality, in my interview, they are in hurry.
He asked me are you ready for relocation, are you comfortable in any domain. I said yes.

He said congratulation, go and do Party today\'s your day.
I was very happy whenI heard these word. I cant explain my feelings.

I am selected after rejection of approx 30-35 company.

So never lose your hope. One day is your day and will get your success on that day.

Thank you.