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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - Chennai & 18-09-2016
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Shashank hatti
Hay guys this is Shashank for ECE dept from Satyabama University, Chennai. I just wanted to share my experience with you all hoping it helps you.

So we were announced of TechM visiting our campus on sept 18th do we started preparing as per pattern. So on Sept 18th we were said to assemble by 8 am. There was a total of 600 members competeting. They started their presentation and remembering some of key points such as number of employees and total revenue and name of CEO and founder and stuff like that. You will also give instructions about pattern of exam. Exam begun by 10 am.

Coming to exam, you will have 7 sections. 3 belongs to verbal, 3 for logical and rest 1 for maths. Selecting of sections is completely your choice. Totally you will have 75 questions with time limit of 50 minutes. General requirement is that you should get min of 50% correct in each section which helps you qualify the test. Websites like IndiaBIX which will help you clear 1st round. Actually, exam was not so tough but timer was biggest problem.

Once you finish 1st round you will get spot results. If you clear you will be congratulated and allowed for next round. If not you will be wished of better luck next time.

So next round was about story writing based on picture given to you. You will have 15 min so see picture and write a story with beginning, middle part and ending. I was given a picture with three girls watching phone and laughing. So just created a story including real life incidents with beginning and ending.

It was 1 pm by time we completed 2nd round. So had lunch and we were asked to assemble again. Then from 600 only 126 were filtered from 1st round. After an hour 2nd round results were announced where 40 members were eliminated where only 86 were remaining. So to qualify 2nd round you should write as per instructions and even words with some reallity type story.

3rd round was technical. I got my chance by evening 6. Guy who interviewed me was 40\'s aged with lot of experience. Interview started with tell me about yourself. Here for this question, I suggest you tell a brief description of your life. Tell him about your family, your character, your hobbies, your role model. Framing your own answer is always way of impressing. After that, he asked each and every topic I included in resume. Basically, I did an internship, 3 mini projects and major project and few workshops. So I had a lot to explain about those. In every explanation, you should tell them brief concept and materials used and its use. Never just deliver as by heart. Finally after everything I just asked him about his journey throughout TechM. He explained in detail. So just be very strong in your project and knowledge about C language.

By 7 pm I was called for HR. It started with question how was I different from others. I just said leadership quality which he asked why didn\'t you include in resume. I was dam struck. After few minutes he just said to talk something or can just move out. Then started to convince him. Was just asking about internship, why TechM and rest similar HR questions. He was also very serious on his face and was seeing me very rare. But knew he was just testing me in all ways. Finally, at 9.30 pm results were announced where again 26 were eliminated and only 60 were selected.

So I just wanted to give you some tips:
Just feel comfortable and speak loaf and eye to eye contact are some of keen things they see. Dress well. Prepare resume in less than 2 pages or maximum 2 pages. Be very confident about resume. Never change marks to overall. Just include what marks you got. Don\'t even change points. Try to get internship certificate and do some mini projects and try to learn any language other than C, C++. I did in HTML which is very easy and innovative. And atlast never loose hope and never decrease hardwork. Just practice each and every question in above mentioned websites and try mock tests as many times as you can. See this is my 4th company and in last 3, I couldn\'t even clear 1st round. Was very upset but set my mind. Now package they are offering is highest among all others. So never loose hope and you will always get what you deserve.

All the best for your placement.