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Tech Mahindra Interview Process - Hydrabad, 06/10/2016

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I want to tell you step-by-step process of my interview experience here.


This link is for only 2016 pass out batch.

I've registered here and I got a Registration ID and a Pin number.

After around two months after my registration, I've received a Call-letter mail, inviting me to attend an interview process at specified venue, date and time.

I received this mail on September 27, 2016.

My interview date was on October 06, 2016 at Shamshabad, on 9:00 AM.

Three slots were being conducted on that day; 9 AM, 11AM & 1 PM Batches.

They didn't specify Interview rounds in that mail.

With the help of all your interview experiences, I've got to know about those. Thank You so much for each and every one.

I hope my short experience will also help anyone.


All of the students reached the venue on time. We all made to sit in an auditorium in that college for about an hour and 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, we were given a sheet and asked us to enter Registration ID, contact number and mail ID.

At around 10:45 AM, Seminar was started by TechMahindra employees through PPT.

They arranged 5-minute interaction sessions with us. They asked us to say something about Mahindra Group.

After that session completed, they themselves started explaining about the business expanded in different fields, viz; Automobiles, entertainment, defence, technology, etc. in short.

After this, they explained the whole process going to be conducted on that day.

Four rounds:

1. a) Online Test, b) Essay Writing.

2. Technical Round.

3. HR Interview.

I'll say about these rounds in detail, after completing this explanation.

Then, they arranged a PPT, showing our online exam interface. They explained our further process  while attempting that exam.

Then they asked us to go to labs for attempting that test.


We were asked to occupy a system and made us wait for about an half-an-hour.

Then, one of their employees assisted us, for the further completion of login process.

1) We were asked to type a website address, narrated by them, in Google.

2) This showed a pop-up screen, for entering system login ID and system password. Those login credentials will be revealed by the employees only.

3) After we entered those, we will get a screen, asking us to enter our basic details and then those must be submitted.

4) Next screen will be our login screen, using our ID and PIN, we got at the time of registration.

5) Then, an exam ID will get generated automatically on the left side of the screen. We need to note that exam ID, for future use. [May be used at the time of our result declaration]

6) That exam ID must be entered on the left side of the screen and we need to create our own exam password too.

7) Then our exam starts, after displaying all rules, time limits.

Any system generated errors will be solved by the Company officials, who will be available to us there.


Online test, if qualified, will be immediately followed by an essay-writing test.

Online test results will be displayed on our screen itself, as soon as we submit our exam.

Sorry for failures.

Congratulations for succeeded ones.

Then, immediately essay writing starts.


[I didn't concentrate on a number of questions allotted, so I'm not sure of this number. But about 70 are there, for sure]


Those seven sections are:

* GENERAL ENGLISH - 1 --> 7 Questions

* GENERAL ENGLISH - 2 --> 15 Questions




* REASONING - 25 Questions


~ General English - 1 contains, fill in the blanks with suitable words. Difficulty level in this section is high.

~ General English - 2 contains, fill in the blanks using suitable vowels, prepositions, completing analogous pairs, spotting a pair resembling the given pair. Difficulty level is easy.

~ Aptitude consists of Simple and compound interests (asked combinedly, for Eg. I got a question giving both simple and compound interests and asked to find any missing term in p, t, r, i, ...Hope you got my point!!, Problem on age, some simplification problems (These are mathematical expressions containing decimal or numbers and we are required to perform the given operation and evaluate the answer), Men and Work problems (Given problem is they told number of men and women working, and their overall average salaries, we need to find average of women salaries,given a suitable condition).

Difficulty level of this section is easy, all those questions need only basics. Just formulae or any basic statement/principle relating to that topics are enough to crack this section.

Whatever may be the books you may use to prepare, basics are all same in any book na?

~ Verbal section contained questions on antonyms, synonyms, similar pairs, and all other basic topics in verbal ability.

Difficulty level of this section is average. I mean to say some questions are easy to answer and some questions were hard to understand even.

So, I wish to consider this section as a difficulty one, so we shall prepare till maximum level and then we can crack this section easily.

~ Comprehensive passage is of an easy understanding level. Passage is about a country's political issues, but the questions are asked in a  straight forward way. No need for us to confuse or to select an appropriate title for it. No questions as such. Just a ques and answer can be found easily.

~ Reasoning, though at that time, we may get scared by seeing that number of questions as 25, but those are of very easy level.

Seating arrangements, given word, and need to answer another word which follows that given word rules, blood relations, questions on more arrangements.

All are easy to crack.

~ Non-verbal reasoning section contains 5-7 pics in every question and we need to find the image that does not follow the rule and we need to find the images combined so that we get the given image. Likewise,

In question images, those were named as 1234. Whereas in options they were named as abcd, I too didn't get this concept, as I'm new to these type. Hope you try to solve much, so you may get any idea of those.

They were of average difficulty...and one needs a definite practise on these type of questions.

Of all the sections, only this section consumes more time, when compared to others, because of their clumsiness. We usually take some more time in understanding their appearance, guessing those logics, etc. So, do practice in this.


Each and every section has a cutoff. And even, this overall exam has also a cutoff.

We need to meet both sectional cutoff and overall cutoff,in order to qualify in this section.

If we qualify, we will go to further round i.e; Essay writing.

I have disqualified here itself. So,I can't say more about other rounds, nor none of my friends were there, attending that exam.

But, I can give my experience,as per my observation.


A pic will be displayed on the screen. We must write about that pic on the system itself.


They said that :

# 200 words must be there in our essay,for ten minutes.

# They will evaluate our essay based on Grammar, punctuation, rules, spelling mistakes rather than the content of our essay.
 That's the good thing of all the rest.

# The evaluation will be done by the employees and not by the system. But we must write that essay on the system itself.

# After our essay writing round completes, all our essays will be passed onto the TechMahindra Professionals, who are all over India.

# They will evaluate our essays and decide our marks. Those marks will be forwarded to our venue. Then we will be informed about our next process, based on our result, whether pass/fail.

# The completion of whole evaluation process takes some time for about half an hour or so. After that, our essay writing results will be declared.

#The sample figure showed to us in ppt, during seminar was:

"A woman sat on a chair with her hands on the table before her. She was looking very exhausted, tired."


- Select an appropriate title for that pic.

- Start explaining about the inner meaning of that pic, rather than explaining about the content of that pic and its surroundings.

- Be sure that your essay had a title, body, explanation as well as conclusion.

- I've read somewhere that, after our word limit, say 200 words in our case, reaches; system won't allow us to write more (or) when we reach word limit, we will be intimated by the system that, "Your word limit had reached. Whatever you type below this, will be truncated.".

So make sure that you follow short, precise and clear matter in your essay. Something we usually say, short and sweet type!

And I don't know about further rounds.

So, any one of you who attended the further rounds of this company, in the present year 2016, can intimate us.

Your cooperation may help others a lot.


Please post your solution if you have faced any of such, like below ones:

1) Getting an alert saying that,

"You are already registered. Please login with your ID and PIN to view/edit your application."

This alert is got to my friends at the time of Registration itself. But the thing to be noted here is, they registered themselves for the first time in that site.

* They left a mail to support Tech Mahindra, about solving this query, past two months. But still waiting for a response from them.

* Even, I've enquired at venue, but my trials were in vain.

2) Is there any chance of shortlisting our profiles for the second time, even if we failed in any one of the stages in our previous attempts?

All your solutions will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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