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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - Jaipur, 7th October, 2014

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Hello everyone,

My name is Vishal Kungwani and I am an Information and Technology student in Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

Tech Mahindra visited our college on 7th of October. A total of 440 students participated in the on-campus drive. We were asked to report in the college at 8:00 a.m. Pre placement talk started at around 9:45 a.m. It was an hour long presentation which will tell u anything and everything related to the company.

First round was an Online Aptitude Test and consisted of 170 questions (100 English + 70 reasoning) and time allotted was 80 minutes.

Reasoning was divided into three sections,

1) Non-Verbal Reasoning- 35 questions.

Important topics- Coding/Decoding, Number series, Letter series, Figure series and Jumbled letters.

2) Verbal Reasoning- 20 questions.

Important topics- Verbal Analogy(around 8-10 questions), Classification (4-5 questions) and Blood relations.

3) Quantitative Aptitude- 15 questions.

Important Topics- Partnership, Ages, Clocks, SI, CI, Percentage and Profit Loss (Partnership and Percentage are the most important topics as out of 15 questions around 4-5 were from Partnership and 3-4 from Percentage).

Sectional cut-off- 42 marks out of 70.

Reasoning part is very easy, you can easily score 45-50. I was left with just 4 minutes for doing the Quant section so I utilized the initial three for solving 4 questions and for the remaining 11, I just read the question and selected the options randomly.

English was divided into 8 parts,

1) TENSES- 10 questions.
2) PREPOSITIONS- 20 questions.
3) ARTICLES- 10 questions.
4) LONG PASSAGE- 10 questions.
5) CONFUSABLE WORDS- 10 questions..
7) SYNONYMS- 10 questions.
8) SPOTTING THE ERROR- 10 questions.

Sectional Cut-off- 60 marks.

Apart from the Synonyms section, the rest of the questions were very very easy.

ADVICE:- Start with the English section and try to complete the section in 25-30 minutes and if you are good in verbal and non verbal reasoning part then don't think much about the Quant part. Just study two or three topics like Partnership, Percentage and Ages. Prepare English part from and Reasoning part from R.S Aggarwal.

Well out of 440 students, 120 cleared the first round. Then there was a non-elimination essay writing round. We were given 10 minutes to write an essay on a particular topic. My topic was Social Networking. Few other topics where Time is Money, Corruption in India and Women Empowerment.


Technical round started at 5.30 P.M. I waited for my turn till 11:30 P.M and then our T.P.O told us that for the remaining students T.R will be held tomorrow. It was a bit frustrating.

Anyways my T.R started at around 10:15 a.m on 8th October.

As I entered the room:

Me: Sir may I come in?

Interviewer: yes, please (interviewer was already having my documents like marksheets, Identity proof and Resume as we were asked to submit a set of all the required documents after we cleared the Aptitude round). So Vishal tell me something about you and he also told me the format in which I need to mention all the things (you are from, schooling, about family, strength and weakness, short term goal, hobbies and areas of interest).

Me: Told.

Interviewer: Ok. So tell me about your achievements.

Me: As I am a certified sports writer so I told him that I have written more than 200 articles for a sports website and apart from that I also told him that I secured second place in the Inter-College Antakshari competition. Please remember one thing that whatever achievements you are mentioning you should have proof of that because one of my friends was also asked the same question but he was not having the proof so he was scolded by the interviewer and was also not selected.

Interviewer: What is your favorite subject?

Me: DBMS (As I did my summer training in Oracle Database 11g).
Then he asked two or three questions related to Database.

Interviewer: Name different type of SQL Languages.
Me: Data Manipulation Language, Data Definition Language, Data Control Language and Transaction Control language.

Interviewer: Can you explain Transaction Control language?
Me: Explained using commit, rollback and savepoint.

Interviewer: What is Ethernet?
Me: Told (same question was asked to my friend a day ago so I checked the answer on Google :))

Interviewer: Which is better C or Java and Why?
Me: Java because it is platform independent and also more secure (explained properly).

Interviewer: What is Polymorphism and explain using an example.
Me: Told.

Interviewer: What are network topologies?
Me: Star, Bus, Ring and Hesh (Fortunately he didn't asked me the explanations because I only knew the names).

Interviewer: What is success in your eyes?
Me: I told him that Success = Happiness + Money like you are happy with the work which you are doing and you are also being paid good for doing that work. He wasn't much satisfied with the answer, so please prepare a good answer for this question.

Then he asked couple of questions like Are you ready to reallocate and are you ready to work in night shifts etc.

Interviewer: Ok Vishal. I am done. So you have any questions for me?
Me: What all qualities a fresher should have before joining a company like Tech Mahindra?
Interviewer: Told.

Then he told me that you are selected for the H.R Round. So there was no waiting for the results.

So from 120 students 60 qualified for the H.R Round.

Other most common questions asked in T.R where,

i) Difference between C and C++.
ii) Normalization.
iii) Inheritance.
iv) J.V.M.
v) Deadlock.
vi) Explain your project.
vii) Difference between Structure and Union etc.

ADVICE: Be confident of what you are saying (even if it is wrong). Communication skills are very very important. So confidence, good communication skills and basics is all what is required to clear the T.R.

H.R ROUND started at 2:00 p.m. My turn came at 5:45 p.m.

H.R Round was relatively simple as the interviewer hardly asked 4 or 5 questions.

Questions asked during H.R from me and my friends,

i) Why Tech Mahindra?
ii) Tell me something unique about you.
iii) Which was the most delightful moment in your life?
iv) Which person has inspired you the most in your life and Why?
v) Why GIT(GIT is the name of my college)?
vi) Where do you see yourself five years from now?
vii) Are you ready to reallocate.
viii) Are you ready to work in 24 * 7 shifts etc.
ix) Some questions related to G.K like who is the finance minister, who is the IT minister, Foreign minister etc.

Out of 60 students 32 cleared the H.R round and were finally selected. It was a bit shocking to know the results because of all the Interview experiences I read of Tech Mahindra before going, it was written that very few students are rejected in the H.R Round but shockingly 28 were eliminated in the H.R Round so please don't take H.R for granted, give your best shot in all the rounds even in the Essay round because many students were asked questions on their essay topics.

So prepare well and try to improve your communication skills as much as you can because it can and it surely will change your life.

THANK YOU and all the best for your future.

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