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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - Bhimavaram, September 13th, 2014.

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Hello everyone,

My name is G.Hanuma and I am a computer science & Engineering student in Vishnu Institute of technology.

I attended Tech Mahindra on campus held at my college i.e. Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram. It was a recruitment drive for all final year students of all the branches in our college. 251 students attended for that on-campus drive.

Around 8.30am they started the pre-placement talk and told about the company & gave some instructions about the written test. (Listen carefully and make a note of some important information of their talk about the company. It will be useful in HR round.)

The recruitment process of TECH MAHINDRA consists of mainly 3 rounds.

1. Written test.
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR Interview.

It also includes "Essay Writing" after written test was cleared.


Total of 170 questions in 80 minutes. It's a online based test.

100 questions were from English. Questions were from Articles, Prepositions, Error spotting, Sentence correction, Tenses, Subject-verb agreement, Passages etc. It was easy. A little practice is enough to do well in this section. (Time management is very important for this round. Make sure that you complete this English section in 25-30 minutes. So that you can spend more time on reasoning & Aptitude)

Remaining 70 questions were from Logical reasoning & Verbal reasoning, Arithmetic Aptitude & Quantitative Aptitude. If you are good in Reasoning like Blood relations, Jumbled letters, Series etc. you can do well in this section as majority of the questions of this section are from reasoning. (In our exam, only 15-20 questions were asked from Aptitude. So, practice more number of questions from reasoning from various websites like

The minimum cut-off for this round was above 60 marks in English and above 35 in Aptitude & reasoning and the cut-off can be increased as per their requirement.

Around 11 am the results were announced. 51 students cleared the written. I was one among them.

Essay writing:

After written test, they asked us to fill some application forms and at that time only they asked us to write an essay on a topic given by them. 4 topics were distributed alternatively among all the students. The duration for the essay writing was only 10 minutes. (For 90% of the students, essay writing was evaluated in the HR round).

My topic was "First day experience in your college".


Interviewer: He viewed my resume for 1 minute and said 'hi Hanuma'. How many siblings do you have ?
Me: I have one sister who is elder to me. Currently, she was pursuing her M.Sc 2nd year in physics.

Interviewer: Tell me something about you?

Me: Sir, I am a hard worker from my childhood and I believe in hard work with smart planning. My hobbies are listening music and collecting some interesting news paper articles. (Also told my academic percentages in 10th, inter and B Tech) Recently, I have done a mini project "placement information provider through which we can provide placement information such as company profiles, previous placement papers and can conduct exams.

I am a member of ATL in my college in which, I along with other teammates made a device called "E-trainer for basic mathematical operations, which is useful for the mentally challenged children to learn basic mathematical operations. Also, I have done an internship for 1 month in an e-commerce company in Bangalore. I have presented paper presentations on Big Data and artificial intelligence.

Interviewer: what are your favorite subjects?
Me: DBMS and Java.

Interviewer: Create a database and a table and insert records in to it.
Me: I wrote the queries for those and explained to him with a table.

Interviewer: what is meant by view?
Me: told.

Interviewer: Create a view to the above table? What are updatable views? Can we create a view to another view? Tell me an example where views are useful?
Me: told.

Interviewer: What are joins? Tell me any 3 types of joins?
Me: Explained him with examples.

Interviewer: Tell me about your internship?
Me: I did my internship in an e-commerce company called "company name, which is an online gifting platform. In my internship, I worked on front end development. (Told about the company and the other tasks done by me along with front end development).

Interviewer: Do you know Triggers?
Me: told and wrote the syntax and I am trying to explain him with an example. Then he interrupted and asked me to leave.

(For TR round, CSE & it students good to prepare at least 2 subjects completely, and non-it students concentrate on C-programming. Be confident and stand on your answer (if it is wrong also). Don't argue with the interviewer and answer him in a gentle manner.

3) HR Round:

After 15 minutes, I was called for the interview.

Me: May I come in sir?
Sir: Yes Hanuma.
I wished him and he asked me to take my seat.

Sir: Hello hanuman Looking so positive.
Me: Ofcourse, I am always positive.

Sir: Always positive? Why ?
Me: Negative thinking always pushes us back from our goals, When I am doing some work, I will put all my efforts in it to achieve better outcomes from it. So, if I think negatively about it, I will be distracted and I can't give my cent % performance. So, I won't allow any negative thinking in to my mind.
(He smiled at me and said nice).

Sir: Hanuma, tell me about yourself & your family?
Me: First of all, thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself.

I am from " my village name ", a rural village which is 15km away from this place. I am a hard worker from my childhood and I believe in hard work with smart planning. (Also told my academic percentages in 10th, inter and B-Tech and about my family). My hobbies are listening music and collecting some interesting news paper articles.

Sir: (Interrupted) what type of articles do you collect?
Me: I am not particular about the field. The article may belongs to any field. If it looks interesting, I just keep it with me.

Sir: Interesting. How many articles have you collected till now?
Me: 30 to 40. Recently, I have collected an article on Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO With your permission, I want to say about it. Shall I ?

Sir: ya. sure.
Me: After taking charge as a CEO, Satya Nadella sent an email to all his employees. In that letter, he used a word "WE for 36 times leader always says "WE rather than I". From my childhood, I dream of becoming a good leader. Also I am the representative of our class from 3 years. I inspired from him and I kept that article with me.

Sir: Ok, interesting. Tell me about your mini project?
Me: I have done a mini project "placement information provider. It is a website through which we can provide placement information such as company profiles, previous placement papers and can conduct exams. I developed it by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP and MySQL.

Sir: Is it intranet or internet?
Me: It is intranet. I executed it in localhost.

Sir: What will you do, if I ask you to show it now? (with smile).
Me: I will bring all those files in a pendrive and I will execute them in front of you (he laughed).

Sir: Why don't you make it live?
Me: As this is our very first project, we need some more time to do some modifications and we want to test it thoroughly to find the flaws in the system. We will definitely make it live as it is a very useful one for the students and as I already said, we have to work on it again to make it effective.

Sir: You mentioned about an internship. what have you done in your internship?
Me: I have done an internship for 1 month in an e-commerce company in Bangalore. The company name was "company name and it is an online gifting platform, in which we can choose a gift to our loved ones and can gift them through this website. (he noted down the website name).

Sir: Have you done any project there?
Me: No sir, I didn't do any project there. I worked there like a one month employer where my work is mainly on front end. As, for e-commerce companies the interface of the website plays a key role in the user's interaction. I used to search various websites, designs, made various prototypes and I used to incorporate those styles into company's website. I also worked on 'SEO' and I prepared various articles about gifting ideas and I posted them in company's blog.

Actually, the internship program is for 2 months. But I left after 1 month due to placements in our college.

Sir: So, you came here for Tech Mahindra drive?
Me: Yes.

Sir: Will you go again?
Me: No, because my college gave me permission for only one month. But I would have learnt more, if I would have been there for 1 more month. (Then I gave him the file in which all my certificates (extracurricular) were enclosed.

Then he viewed all my certificates and asked about them one by one.

Sir: What is big data? Why it is evolved? (As I presented a paper on big data)
Me: Told.
(Then he looked into my essay writing paper)

Sir: Tell me about your first day experience in your college? (My essay writing topic)
Me: It was a wonderful day for me in my entire life as it was first day of my dream "Engineering". I went to college with a lot of enthusiasm bearing the equal amount of fear and nervousness.

But my college atmosphere and seniors welcomed us with a lot of hospitality and their support has thrown all my nervousness away. Also we were assembled in a big auditorium for the whole day and I was freezed to the coolness in that central AC Hall. In this way I have many memories.

At this moment, I am unable recollect all of them, but the first day experience in our college is always a memorable day in my entire life. I will never forget those days.

Sir: Ok. That's fine. I hope you would reach heights in your life and keep going.
Me: Sure sir, thank you.

Sir: Do you have any questions for me?
Me: No sir. But thank you so much. I didn't expect this much friendly interview.(he laughed)

Sir: OK. Hope you will be seen in Tech Mahindra. All the best. Nice meeting you.
Me: Thank you sir.

Sir: Bye.
Me: Bye sir.

Final list came at 6.30pm and 37 students were selected out of 51. I was one among them.

In HR round, your attitude and communication skills are evaluated. The interview is all about impression. So try to impress interviewer with your Uniqueness. Don't give regular answers (especially in hobbies etc).

I hope my experience will be helpful for you all.

Thank you and all the best for your future.

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