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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience - Kolkata, December 28, 2013

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Hi friends,

I have recently attended the Tech Mahindra off campus drive in Kolkata on 28th December 2013.

There were 3 rounds :

1. Online Aptitude.
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR Discussion.

The online aptitude consisted of 170 questions and the time was 80 minutes.

Out of the 170, 100 were from English, 55 from Reasoning verbal and Non-verbal and 15 questions from Numeric Ability.

There were total 11 sections in the online aptitude test. 8 of these sections were on English from topics like.

Articles, tenses, agreement of verb with it's subject, reading comprehension, sentence formation, prepositions, confusing words And vocabulary (synonyms/antonyms).

The questions were of medium difficulty level. Moderate to good knowledge of English grammar will get you through these sections.

Next 2 sections were from reasoning both verbal and non-verbal. The non-verbal reasoning section was a bit difficult in comparison to the verbal reasoning. Questions were mainly on number series, coding-decoding, what comes after, puzzle test etc.

The final section was from numerical ability (15 questions). This section was very easy and most of the questions were from the Partnership business and some were from profit and loss and time and distance.

Some people said that there was sectional cut-off, but I'm not quite sure of it.

There were no negative markings. So make sure you answer all the questions. But time management is a major factor. So don't waste time on a particular problem, just make an educated guess and mark the answer and move on to the next one.

After 20 mins the results were declared and I was selected.

They gave an application form to fill up and gave a sheet to write a paragraph on the topic "Past is important to us". This is evaluated during the HR discussion and a few questions might be asked from what you have written.

Then I was called in for the Technical Interview. The interviewer asked me about myself and when I told that I have 1.25 years of experience as a Java developer, he asked why I wanted to leave my current job. Then he asked me about my job role and projects I handled.

Then he asked me about the Spring framework. I described the framework in details and he was very impressed and said that I was selected. So luckily I didn't have to go through the anxious moments like many others.

Then after almost 2 hrs I was called in for the HR Discussion. It was really an amazing experience and I am sharing it in full.

HR: What can I do for you?
Me: Give me an opportunity to prove my eligibility for this job.

HR: So tell me why should we select you?
Me: (said the usual thing about strengths, teamwork, analytical skills, debugging skills and all).

HR: Do you watch adult films/porn?
Me: No, I used to watch when I was in 12th standard and the last porn I watched was in first year of college.

HR: Why don't you watch it?
Me: I don't like it personally and I think it's kind of immature.

HR: So you want to do the thing in real?
Me: No sir not as of now.

HR: Why?
Me: I have better things to do in life than to watch porn and think of having sex.

HR: Okay I am putting forward a request- Don't get married and waste a girl's life.
Me: Sir, I don't quite understand how marriage is related to watching porn?

HR: So you don't agree to the fact that Marriage is a social contract for having sex?
Me: No sir. Having sex is not a big issue these days. So marrying a person and taking her responsibility for the rest of her life just for the sake of having sex is just not worth it.

HR: Do you read newspapers?
Me: No sir. Not that much.

HR: Have you heard of the Aam Aadmi Party?
Me: Yes.

HR: What is your analysis on the party?
Me: (Trust me I didn't have much idea about the party, it's agendas and all) It's a common people's party. They are promising many reforms regarding the betterment of the common people. But I think it's too early to comment on it. I will just say let's just wait and watch.

HR: (Looked through my CV) So you were born in October?
Me: Yes.

HR: So you are a Libra. So you measure everything in life?
Me: Not everything, but yes while making important decisions in life, I do take into account both the pros and cons.

HR: Are you a peace loving person?
Me: Yes sir.

HR: Then I am sorry to tell you that Tech M is not for you. You may leave and go home now. Thanks.
Me: Sir before leaving I just want to know why Tech M is not for me?

HR: There will be a lot of bullies, abusive languages, pressure. You won't have a good night's sleep.
Me: Sir I have lived through that for more than a year now in the company where I am presently working. I have handled multiple projects at a time, worked overtime at office, stayed up late for completing a task at hand, woke up in the middle of the night to make a critical bug fix etc.

HR: So you are saying that we'll be getting a ready-made piece suited for the IT industry?
Me: Yes sir kind of that.

HR: Okay. It's been nice talking to you. You may leave now and wait in the seminar hall for the results.
Me: Okay sir. Thanks.

HR: And ask a friend of yours to send you a porn via Bluetooth and watch it while you are waiting.
Me: (Smiled).

HR: You think it was a joke?
Me: Yes sir.  (Smiled).

HR: You are right it was a joke.  (Smiled).
Me: (Smiled and came out of the room).

After 2.5 hrs at 7:30 pm the results were declared and I was selected.

So you may expect any kinds of question in the HR Discussion. Just be confident and keep faith in your abiulities, you'll surely make it.

All the best.

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