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Tech Mahindra Placement Paper - 22 Dec, 2013. IIIT Basara

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Logical and analytical reasoning - nonverbal Total Questions :35

Instruction for Q. Nos.   1   to   2  :

In each of the following series determine the order of the letters. Then from the given options select the one which will complete the given series.

Q.1 B F K Q ?

a)   U
b)   T
c)   X
d)   Y

Q.2 A,CD,FGH,?

a)   IJKL
b)   KLMN
c)   JKLM
d)   LMNO
Instruction for Q. Nos.   3   to   5  :
In the following questions select the number(s) from the given options for completing the given series.

Q.3 2,6,14,30,62,?

a)   126
b)   128
c)   120
d)   130

Q.4 7776,1296,216,36,6,?

a)   6
b)   0
c)   3
d)   1

Q.5 55,45,36,28,21,?

a)   11
b)   16
c)   15
d)   17
Instruction for Q. Nos.   6   to   8  :
In the questions given below one term is missing. Based on the relationship of the two given words find the missing term from the given options.

Q.6 SUW : RST :: DFH :?

a)   DEF
b)   FGH
c)   CDE
d)   GHI

Q.7 CABD : FDEG :: RTQO :?

a)   VUST
b)   QTRN
c)   UWTR
d)   WTSR

Q.8 HIBD : GJAE :: MNSD :?

a)   KPRE
b)   OPUE
c)   PRSE
d)   LORE
Instruction for Q. Nos.   9   to   10  :
In the following questions, select the number from the given options which follows the same relationship as shared between the first two numbers.

Q.9 663 : 884 :: 221 :?

a)   332
b)   554
c)   773
d)   442

Q.10 357 : 73 ::?

a)   429 : 94
b)   201 : 21
c)   138 : 38
d)   93 : 39
Instruction for Q. Nos.   11   to   13  :
Three of the following four in each question are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Select the group of letters that does not belong to that group.


a)   DFHEG
b)   TWXUV
c)   OQSPR
d)   KLNKM


a)   BAD
b)   OFF
c)   INN
d)   SIS


a)   ErIC
b)   nOtE
c)   rUIn
d)   TieD
Instruction for Q. No.   14  
In the following questions, which of the following pair of letters is different from the other three?


a)   POT - TOP
b)   TAN - ANT
c)   BIN - NIB
d)   DUB - BUD
Instruction for Q. No.   15  
In each of the following questions, there are four options. The numbers, in these options, are alike in a certain manner. Only one number does not fit in. Choose the one which is different from the rest.


a)   258
b)   326
c)   224
d)   339
Instruction for Q. Nos.   16   to   19  :
In the following questions select the right option which indicates the correct code for the word or letter given in the question.

Q.16 In a certain language RESULT is coded as SFTVMU. In that language what does GJSTU mean?

a)   FLIRT
b)   HURTS
c)   FIRST
d)   FIRED

Q.17 HORSE is written in a certain code as BUNGY and CAT as HOW,how will CHEST be written in the same code?

a)   OBYGW
b)   WYGBN
c)   UNHBY
d)   HBYGW

Q.18 If PAPER stands for QBQFS ,then what will GLASS stand for?

a)   MTBHT
b)   MHTBT
c)   HMBTT
d)   HMTBT

Q.19 If the word TRADE is coded as XVEHI,then how should the word PUBLIC be coded?

Instruction for Q. No.   20  
Read the given coded information and choose the correct answer from the given options.

Q.20 If 'water' is called 'stone', 'stone' is called 'oil', 'oil' is called 'air', 'air' is called 'wood', 'wood' is called 'gas' and 'gas' is called 'liquid', what is furniture made of?

a)   gas
b)   air
c)   oil
d)   liquid
e)   wood
Instruction for Q. No.   21  
In the following questions, under-stand the arrangement pattern and then select the right answer from the given options.

Q.21 In a pile of 10 books there are 3 of History,3 of Hindi,2 of Maths,and 2 of English.Taking from above there is an English book between a History and Maths book,a History book between a Maths and an English book,a Hindi book between an English and a Maths book,a Maths book between two Hindi books,and two Hindi books between a Maths and a History book.Book of which subject is at the sixth position from the top?

a)   English
b)   Hindi
c)   History
d)   Maths
e)   Data Inadequate
Instruction for Q. No.   22  
In each of the following questions keenly study the relationship mentioned between the persons, and then from the given options select the right relationship as the answer.

Q.22 A is the sister of B.B is the son of C,and E is the daughter of D,and sister of A.what is D to C?

a)   Brother
b)   Husband
c)   Wife
d)   Data is inadequate
e)   None of these
Instruction for Q. Nos.   23   to   24  :
Choose the correct option.

Q.23 Which one would be a meaningful order of the following?
1. Snake 2. Grass 3. Eagle 4. Frog 5. Insect

a)   3 2 1 4 5
b)   5 2 1 4 3
c)   2 5 4 1 3
d)   2 4 5 3 1
e)   2 4 5 1 3

Q.24 Which name will come in the middle if these names are arranged in a telephone directory?
1. Priyanka 2. Priyana 3. Priti 4. Pratima 5. Protima

a)   Priti
b)   Pratima
c)   Protima
d)   Priyana
e)   Priyanka
Instruction for Q. No.   25  
Find out the one word among the options which can be formed by using the letters of the word as given in each question.


Instruction for Q. Nos.   26   to   30  :
Read the paragraph carefully and answer the questions below it.

(i) A,B,C,D and E reside in a five-storey building.
(ii) B and E do not reside on the ground floor.
(iii)D resides one storey above A and one storey below C.
(iv) E does not reside on the top floor.

Q.26 On which floor does D reside?

a)   Second
b)   Fourth
c)   Fifth
d)   First
e)   Data inadeequate

Q.27 How many of them do reside above C?

a)   3
b)   2
c)   4
d)   1
e)   Data inadequate

(A) Six friends are playing a card game facing at the centre.
(B) Subodh is to the right of Prabodh.
(C) There is one person between Uma and Sudha.
(D) Prabir is between Subodh and Uma and second to the left of Aloke.

Q.28 Who is to the right of Sudha?

a)   Prabodh
b)   Uma
c)   Aloke
d)   Prabir
e)   Data inadequate

Q.29 If Aloke and Subodh interchange their positions, who will be second to the right of Prabir?

a)   Prabodh
b)   Subodh
c)   Uma
d)   Sudha
e)   None of these

Q.30 To answer the above two questions,which of the following statements can be dispensed with?

a)   C only
b)   D only
c)   C or D only
d)   None
e)   B only

Logical and analytical reasoning - verbal Total Questions :20
Instruction for Q. Nos.   1   to   9  :
In the questions given below establish the relationship between two words.Then from the given option select the one which has the same relationship as of the given two words.

Q.1 House is related to Mason in the Same Way as Chair is related to ....

a)   Wood
b)   Furniture
c)   Table
d)   Seat
e)   Carpenter


a)   Indefatigable : Untiring
b)   Boor : Oafish
c)   Tedious : Bore
d)   Flash : Flame
e)   Candle : Light


a)   Olive Oil : Enmity
b)   Eagle : Friendship
c)   Whiteflag : Surrender
d)   Roses : Garden
e)   Ring : Engagement


a)   Deny : Abjure
b)   Assert : Rebut
c)   Ordain : Fix
d)   Common : Stale
e)   Goal : End


a)   Watch : Wrist
b)   Glove : Foot
c)   Ring : Toe
d)   Socks : Hand
e)   Scarf : Waist


a)   Telepathy : Emotions
b)   Mycology : Fossils
c)   Cosmology : Cosmetics
d)   Entomology : Insects
e)   Radiology : Sound


a)   Spurn : Prefer
b)   Inapt : Facile
c)   Cleave : Resign
d)   Pest : Genial
e)   Pivot : Axis


a)   Sheep : Bovine
b)   Tiger : Carnivorous
c)   Man : Masculine
d)   Pig : Omnivorous
e)   Dog : Canine


a)   Road : Narrow
b)   Street : Horizontal
c)   Lane : Wide
d)   Line : Straight
e)   Room : Big
Instruction for Q. No.   10  
Both the capitalised words in the following questions have a certain relationship with each other. Each pair is followed by four more pairs of words. Out of these four a pair is to be selected in which words are related to each other in the same way as in the capitalised pair.


a)   doctor : remedy
b)   gardener : rake
c)   lecturer : lecture
d)   operation : cut
Instruction for Q. Nos.   11   to   18  :
In each of the following questions four words are alike in some manner. Spot the odd one out.


a)   Root
b)   Tree
c)   Branch
d)   Flower
e)   Fruit


a)   Lower Limb
b)   Cheek
c)   Heart
d)   Lung
e)   Kidney


a)   Amsterdam
b)   Europe
c)   Antartica
d)   Australia
e)   America


a)   Krishna
b)   Ganga
c)   beas
d)   Tawi
e)   Sind


a)   Lead
b)   Marble
c)   Ink
d)   Chalk
e)   Crayon


a)   Out
b)   Boy
c)   Cow
d)   Bow
e)   Duel


a)   July
b)   September
c)   October
d)   November
e)   December


a)   Magnolia
b)   Beet
c)   Balsam
d)   Marigold
e)   Daisy
Instruction for Q. Nos.   19   to   20  :
In the following questions select the pair which is different from the other three.


a)   Ripe - Crude
b)   Close - Near
c)   Warm - Tender
d)   Believe - Trust


a)   Hangar - Aeroplane
b)   Dock - Ship
c)   Kernel - Dog
d)   Sty - Pig

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