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You can easily solve all kind of questions by practicing the following exercises.

TECH MAHINDRA Placement Paper at Mumbai

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Placement Paper at Mumbai

Which r to be solved in 60mins. It consisted of 5 sections:

1)Verbal & quantitative
2) Verbal, Nonverbal
3) Appropriate preposition & words
4) Fill in the blanks(English)

The verbal sections were really easy. Don?t waste ur time in preparing 4 these. It took me just 15mins to solve the 45Q of these section.

The questions were:

1. Introduce yourself.
(Ans. Name,.., I play guitar, keyboard n mouthorgan,...,blah blah)

2. U seem to be musically inclined!!!

3. Subject of sem 5 that u like.
(Ans. Microprocessors)

4. Draw the architecture of 8086 n explain it in 90 secs.

5. What is BIU & EU?

6. Where is the memory module?

7. Have u learned computer networks?

8. Tell me whtz LAN n WAN. Give examples?

9. What other subject did u like in sem 5?

10. What do u study in DCOM?

11. Tell me whtz multiplexing?

12. Explain TDM

13. Explain FDM

14. How will u decide as to when FDM or TDM shud b used!!!

15. Who according to u is the best guitarist in the world n why?
(Ans.Steve Vai)

16. Who is your favorite keyboard player n why?
(Ans. A.R. Rehman)

17. Y shud TM hire u?

18. your strengths
(Ans. Leadership Qualities)

19. U expect to b a leader in d first year itself?

20. your weaknesses n how do u overcome it (Ans. Frustration,?, overcm usin meditation (gr8 joke))

21. What is your goal?
(Ans. To become a s/w analyst)

22. Whtz d work of an analyst?

23. I do d work of an analyst, but I?m a project manager!!!
(Ans.Terminologies do differ)

24. How do u come to college? How much time does it take?

Just note dat they just want to test ur communication skills?.Moreover d interviewer was frm EXTC n knew nothing bout programming, automata, etc??
(Dats my pure luck.)

After this v had a PI round (just a formality). The questions were d same like, intro, strengths, y TM, what did u learn frm d presentation?

There were 75 questions to be answered in 60minutes.There were 5 parts in it.

a. Logical Reasoning verbal(20 questions)[Go through R.S. Agarwal Logical Reasoning]

b. Logical Reasoning Non-verbal(20 questions)[containing data sufficiency type questions, series completion etc]

c. English Vocabulary(15 questions)[synonyms, antonyms, phrase replacement etc]

d. English Verbs, Preposition, Punctuation etc (10 questions)

e. English Paragraph(10 questions)

No sectional cutoff is there.
No negative marking is there.
English part was very easy, so friends try to do it first.

But the biggest problem was that there were questions on quanti in the non-verbal n verbal part, so don?t get confused. As there were no negative marking answer all of them. Look for the most common answer in the part you have answered or for a sequence in the paper, and mark accordingly.

Technical interviews. Common questions were:

1. Introduce yourself.
2. What r our current n last semester papers?
3. Tell me about diode.
4. Explain Capacitor with figure.
5. What gates do u know? Why they are called gates?NOT,NOT,EXNOR,FLIP-FLOP,Truth tables, combinational ckts?.
6. Prepare C.V well, lots of questions from it.
7. Learn C and Data Structure as well as possible. CSE n IT students be careful about C++, DBMS, OS n any other subject given in CV.


Interview was easy; just they would try to confuse you. Take anything they give you, keep a smile on your face whatever the say, how badly they say. If they ask you whether you have a problem if they send you outside India or West Bengal say a big NO. Can tell about your wish for higher studies,

Questions were normal like:

Tell me about yourself? Questions from hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Why Tech-Mahindra? Why an It sector? Why should TM take you? Strength and Weakness?

Latest Tech Mahindra paper at SGGS Nanded on 18th April, 2007 The selection process consisted of aptitude test, technical interview and HR.

Aptitude Test:

It was an online test with no negative marking. There were different sets of question papers. There were a total of 100 questions to be answered in one hour. There were 6 sections of which last 3 sections were related to English subject. First 3 sections contained questions on verbal ability, analytical and quantitative ability.
Some questions went like this:
 1. A leap year is divisible by .. .
 2. Three partners A,B,C starts a business with a capital of 1,20,000 and shares a profit in the ratio 3:4:5 . What is the amount invested by B ? Some examples of questions on English subject are : Write the synonym of Exacerbate, Spew, Tour de force etc.  

Technical Interview:

Not a single technical question was asked defying the very name of this round. The candidate was made to introduce himself. A lot of questions were asked about performance in online test. Some questions were asked on hobbies. In the last part of interview, the candidate was asked to talk on any topic for 2 minutes.

Latest Tech Mahindra paper at BMSIT, Bangalore on 9th May, 2007 The general paper consisted of 5 sections:

Section I: These questions were of quantitative type. Most of them were related to percentage, ratio, series, train problem etc.

Section II: These questions were of verbal and non verbal type. Most of them were taken from R.S.Aggrawal?s book.

Section III: These questions were related to a given passage in English.

Section IV: These questions were of ?Fill in the blanks? type in Englishgrammar.

Section V: These questions were based on synonyms.

Next, technical round was conducted in which candidate was required to introduce himself. A lot of technical questions were asked in this round which included various topics like data structure, arrays, logic gates, binary search algorithm etc.

Next, candidate had to face HR round in which he was required to introduce himself. Two questions were very common : ?Why Tech Mahindra? and ?Define yourself in one word?.

Latest Tech Mahindra paper at B M S College Bangalore on 9th May, 2007  Selection process was split in three stages:


It consisted of 75 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. Questions were divided in 5 sections. In section 1, there were ?Fill in the blanks? type questions which were related to English grammar. In section 2 & 3, a paragraph was given and it was required to answer some questions based on that. Section 4 & 5 contained non verbal and quantitative questions which can be found in R.S. Aggrawal?s book.


It was purely technical round and questions were totally related to branch subjects. If your branch is computer science, then you may be asked about C,C++, DBMS,Unix, Networking, Data structure etc.


They asked only two questions. One was to tell about yourself and second question was regarding the reason for selecting your branch.

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