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Atos syntel Interview Experience - Bengaluru February 2019
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Atos Syntel recruitment process consist of four rounds.

1. Aptitude.

Which includes English and quantitative aptitude.

I think there is no negative marks in this so try to answer all the questions and learn to manage your time to attempt all the questions.

Along with this there is a online technical round, questions are asked from software engineering, DBMS, oops. This isn\'t elimination round just you have to take up the test .

2. Coding challenge.

Here they will team you up into four or five people in a team, make sure you are active in this round they will be watching you.

Question appears on the computer screen you need not code it , you have to write solution for that question after discussing with your team mates.

They will call you to explain your solution and along with that some basic technical questions are asked.

If you clear this round next is HR.

3. HR.

Tell me something about yourself is the first question. You can also prepare on commonly asked HR questions. If you want offer letter say yes to their terms and conditions like relocating, night shift.

So if you clear all these rounds kudos you did it!!. You will get Letter of intent within a week.

Lastly one thing I want to share it\'s September now I was interviewed in feb still I didn\'t get date of joining mail. In some MNC companies they delay to send offer letter don\'t wait for offer letters by wasting your time.

Attend as many interviews as possible use every opportunity that is thrown at you, don\'t stop after one interview. If you are rejected in 100 interviews try for 101th interview, try to figure out where you are going wrong because correction of mistake is the first step of success.

Have two to three offer letters in hand later you choose which company you want to join.

Work hard!!
Good luck!!

P.S: I got offer letter from other company so I will be joining that : ).