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Syntel Interview Experience - Vijayawada - 2nd and 3rd March
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Finally its my turn to share my experience with you. Am so happy that i have been placed in syntel. When it comes to syntel\'s interview procedure and pattern:

Consists of 4 rounds:

1st round:

This round contains questions on,

- Quantitative aptitude.
- Logical reasoning.
- Verbal ability.

Questions in quantitative section are medium to high level.

* Major topics for preparation are (time&distance, time&work, averages, percentages, profit&loss, permutations&combinations).

* No negative marks.

- Questions in logically reasoning section are easy to medium level.

* Major topics for preparation are (coding and decoding, series, odd man out, analogies, arrangements).

* No negative marks.

* More than 50%of questions are very easy to answer so try to answer all the questions in this section.

- Questions in Verbal ability are medium to difficult level.

* Major topics for preparation(reading comprehension, sentence correction, para jumbles, sentence completion, improvement of statement).

* No negative marks.
* Very less time.

-- This round is an elimination round try to answer all questions and they consider overall marks not section wise.

2nd round:

When you clear 1st round you are eligible to 2nd and 3rd rounds.

* There is no elimination in this round and no negative marking.
* Questions in this round are based on programming.
* Major topics for preparation are - c, java, sql.
* Questions are very easy to medium level try to answer all.

Questions they consider overall marks of 2nd and 3rd round.

3rd round:

- Hackthorn round:

They divide us a group of 5 people from different college\'s.

* They give us a question we need to draw a solution flowchart for that question within a stipulated time.

* Team coordination is very important.

* Try to communicate with all in your group and consider you as a team leader for ur team and coordinate all members in your team.

* They watch us secretly and give points to ur presence in the team.

* They call us one by one and ask questions on hackathon round and programming.

*Be confident and try to answer questions what they asked

This is an elimination round, they consider the marks from 2nd and 3rd round\'s and give us the result who are eligible to final round.

4th round:
Hr round.

People who cleared hackathon they are eligible to Hr round.

* The only secret to clear this round is Confident.

* They ask only simple questions(name, marks, college, about company).

After 15 days they released results. Out of 2000+ participants they selected 298 candidates only. Am one in them.

Hope this info will helpful for ur preparation all the very best for your interview.