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Syntel Interview Experience - Chennai 4-3-17
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Hai Friends,

I am going to share my Job Search before Share My Syntel Experience.

I am 2016 Passed out B.Tech (IT) student.

Please take a min to read useful For Fresher. I have attended more than 100 IT Companies which include 2 BPO, 2 Consultancy.

Listing Few:

- TCS 2 times rejected in 1st round.

- CTS 5 times (through AMCAT) rejected in 1st round GD for 4 times 5th time got rejected in HR.

- SOLARITIS 5 times rejected in 1st round.

- Tech Mahindra rejected in 1st round.

- IBM 2 times rejected in 1st round.

- CSS CORP rejected in Tech H.R.

- Amazon rejected in 1st round.

- L&T Info tech rejected in 1st round.

- Zoho rejected in 1st round.

- Renault Nissan (IT division) rejected in 1st round.

- Maveric System rejected in 2nd G.D.

- GodBtech rejected in 1st round.

- Aspire System 2 times (rejected in 2nd Tech H.R)(Fresher can easily get this company keep off-campus often for clearing first tech HR you search all interview experience of Aspire in glassdoor get the previous prg every prg practice easy 2nd Tech H.R prepare for theoretical part).

- Trigent Software rejected in 1st round.

People may be shocked how I have attended this much time for same companies is only by giving different different phone no & Email & changing name by giving abbreviation for Initial.

CTS interview got through AMCAT all the times.

I will say for fresher take AMCAT test score some 60+% in English, logical & apps you will keep getting call letter from CTS.

I also suggest you to write eLitmus get some 40% in English, logical & apps you will get call from CGI definitely.

You get a job in MNC if you are not strong in apps, English & reasoning, all you need is understand the company.

Company like Aspire System, Syntel, CTS (through AMCAT first round 25 peoples GD), Maveric System, Css Corp (GD 1st round), Trigent (GD 1st round), you can easily clear first round.

Syntel 2nd time attending, finally got selected result came 23rd March 2017.


- APPS 30 (20 mins)
- LOGICAL 30 (20 mins)
- ENGLISH 30 (20 mins)
- 10% Elimination

2nd ROUND:

- MCQ 25 mins
- Program
- D&S
- No elimination

3rd ROUND:

- Hackathon 5 members group.

- Program scenario is given with sample input & output.

- You need to understand the problem make everyone understand the problem.

- You need to help people in Team to understand the problem & your coordination within them.

- You will be monitored by Manager act like TL, we need to report them about the solution to them in form of flow chart.

- All you need to pass this round is You give some solution to problem & each and every member of team tell the same individually to TL.

- 2-3 will be selected from 5 peoples.


- They asked some simple questions how was hackathon.
- How was coordination between peoples how you overcome problems in it.

- Technologies you know.

AFTER 19 DAYS, Result came they told to wait for 2 Weeks.

You Need to have patience for Syntel to get result for HR even 2 months need to wait/you don\'t expect to try for other companies you will get call if selected.

Only CSC/IT Syntel will select.

Finally, call came told me I got Selected. Got intent letter waiting for DOJ (date of joining).