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Syntel Interview Experience - TirunelVeli & 7-5-16
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Hello, Friends, I Attended Syntel 2016 Off Campus on 4-5-2016 Written Test on Francis Xavier Collage, Tirunelveli.

Written Test:

Written test contains 20 Quants, 20 Logical, 20 English each section have 20 mins total 60 mins of written Test It\'s Quite Easy But you must Atten Max Question & finish it on Time on 7-05-16 We had Remaining 3 Rounds,

Topic: Science growth is Boon/Ban, 6 Selected out Of 10, It\'s Very Easy If you Have good communication Its like Cake.

Tech HR:
This Round Was Bit Tuff, What Ever you Fill in Form As skills & Certification you Mention definitely you have questions on it, I Mentioned Asp.Net As certification, Hr asked to tell me the life cycle of Asp.Net, I replied I don\'t know Theoretical concepts I know Practical Knowledge, Then Hr Asked Tell Me What you know in Asp.Net I Told Creating Web page Design It Running it Use off Button, Image, File Uploading & connecting it to Data Base, Immediately Hr Asked Tell Me About Joints I Told I don\'t know Database I know only to use it for project create, update, delete the Table, He asked me You would be studied in your collage Since I am an IT Department Student he asked me I Replied Don\'t know, Then He asked me abt Bubble Sort I told The Answer, then Asked abt Stack I told The answer waited for result with Fear But luckily I got Selected & gone to Hr Round. (Be Bold To Say No if You Don\'t know the Answer HR will not take it seriously Then Confusing by telling irrelevant answers)

For Many People, It was Like a cup of tea The just asked Where are you from are ready to relocate & Distance from Your Home To here. But For me, It was Not easy one.

Lady Hr asked why My Marks are low, I replied since I realized More than mark we have to learn many things, she asked elaborate I told I conducted Event in school days by students engaging activities, Then she asked Why took eng I replied I had interest in computer, Then asked diff b/w B.E vs B.Tech, I really don\'t know the answer I replied studying about Tools is Eng & studying tech in B.Tech. Interview Got Over.

RESULTS WAS DECLARED 2 MONTHS LATER ON 6-07-16, I Got Rejected, 150 people Attended Hr Round around people got Selected If You are CSC/IT Guy it\'s an Added advantage To get Selected,Selection is fully based on tech hr mark+HR mark, It was the Very Late MNC interview Came I attended in college, BUT MY FRIND OF IT DEPT GOT JOINING LETTER ON 14-07-2016, They Give The Hr Result But Joining soon.