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Syntel Interview Experience - Bhopal, 28 Jan 2016
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Nikhil Jain
Hello everyone, I have attended Syntel Campus Recruitment process Syntellect 2016 for the MP region.

There was four round for the process,

1. Online test.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Technical interview.
4. HR.

On 28/01/16, Syntel came at our college to conduct the online test. It comprises of Aptitude, reasoning and English. Be aware of time and attempt all the questions because the test was easy and there were no negative marking.

As it was a recruitment for some group of college in the Madhya Pradesh region, so we got a mail on 16/03/16 that you have been shortlisted for the further process.

On 19/03/16, there were 900 students with us for the GD with more than 80 groups.

My GD topic was MNC\'s are superior then Indian Companies or not?

They were checking whether the candidate is able to speak or not. Just speak don\'t be quite. And it was not a discussion they were asking one to one. I was shortlisted in this process. The technical interviewer was very kind, as I was from Electronics and communication he asked me from what I mentioned. You can take the flow of your interview. He asked me from C language, major project and some general questions about electronics. Be confident, if you don\'t know it\'s okay no need to be nervous. Show them that you are a good learner and you will learn it soon. Also, you can say that I\'ll learn this in my training period for sure.
After few minutes, I got shortlisted for HR.

HR was a formality, it was of 1 minute. he asked me about my GD topic and my view in it. some ask you about your locations and all.

After 1 month, on 20/04/16, I got a call from Syntel that I\'m Selected.

Don\'t be depressed if you are not selected, there are several way to get a job. Your life will not define by one company. Just work on your Communication skills, be confident. Give AMCAT, E-litmus and all you will surely get further possibilities.