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Syntel Interview Experience - Bhopal, March 19 2016
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Anshu sahu
Hi, I am BE Student from Rustamji Institute of technology, Tekanpur. It was an off-campus drive by Syntel.

# Aptitude test:

Held on 23rd January in MITS Gwalior. The test has three section:

1) Quant.
2) Verbal.
3) Logical.

30 Questions and 20 min for each.

The Result was announced 20 days later, by god\'s grace I cleared it. My next round in Bhopal, March 19th, 2016.

There were 3 rounds,

1) GD.
2) Technical.
3) HR.

#Group Discussion:

The GD includes 10 members and the topic given to us is "Beauty contest Such as Miss world, Miss universe are accepted in Indian culture".

They are not giving the chance to prepare the topic and giving me 1st chance to speak 2 min. I said my point that "These type of beauty contest are very important for build up healthy relation between various country of the world and these type of contest are the platform to knowing various culture of different countries and our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi visit various country and meet the representative for healthy relation with the help of this relation investor invest in our country and the growth of our country also increase". By listening to this point they are impressed me.

In my group 8 boys and 2 girls ,They are just looking for fluency English and you should have the tendency to speak.

You can clear it very easily. The number of selections depends on upon the people involved in the discussion. Typically 4-7 Fortunately Cleared. In my group, 4 are cleared, 2 boys and 2 girls.

#Technical Interview:

They will give us a form we have to self-rate ourselves on various languages we knew.

I was waiting for my turn and after 30 min my name was called:-

Me: May I coming, sir.

Tec: Yes.
Me: Good afternoon sir.

Tec: Good afternoon Please sit.
Me: Thank you, sir.

Tec: Where you from?
Me: Dabra.

Tec: Dabra?
Me: Near Gwalior.

Tec: Gwalior?
Me: Near Jhansi.

Tec: Ok, tell me about your Project.
Me: Explained.

Tec: Please don\'t call me sir, you said me my name ok.
Me: Ok.

Actually, he was checking my command and listening power. After that, he was asking some question from the language such as loop, condition statement and then some SQL queries. He was also giving me a task to perform and in middle of interview, he was confusing me but I manage.

He also asked me some basic question on HTML because I mention HTML in my resume.

But all of this the Technical Person was very frank and pleasant nature. I will never forget him.

After 15 min result is announced I was selected.

#HR Interview:

He was not asking me anything. You know why?

HR person and GD Person is same, its only luck!! guys.

When I enter into the cabin he gives me a fantastic smile.

Me: Good evening sir.
HR: Good evening Please sit, it is good to see you again.

He giving me marks in the form and told me "Ok Done" I am smiling and return back to the waiting room then they told an email is send to you after 15 days.

Fingers crossed waiting for results!

IndiaBix helps me lots. Thank you IndiaBix!!