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Syntel Interview Experience - Hyderabad, August 23, 2014

Posted By : Akhila Rating : +52, -1
Hey guys!

I think this experience may help few of you or at-least one of you. First of all I am very much delighted for writing here. Previously I used to read experiences here. ! and btw this is a very lengthy experience but please bear with me.

I registered in monster college and my college approved my profile. Later I applied for syntel and got admit card for written test. It was on 31st may 2014.

Written test was not that easy. There were 3 sections.

1. Verbal Ability.
2. Logical Reasoning.
3. Quantitative Ability.

Each section consists of 30 questions. And each section is allotted 20 minutes of time. And each section will have a different timer. You don't even have a choice to select which section to write first.

Topics to be prepared:

Quant: Data interpretation, percentages, profit 7 loss, speed & distance, S. I & C. I, Averages, Time and work, Mixtures, problems on trains, pipes & cisterns, Ratios, HCF & LCM, Simplification, Areas, Ages, Probability.

Reasoning: Coding & Decoding, Blood Relations, Deductions, Rearrangement of words, Clocks, Number and letter series.

Verbal: Reading Comprehension, Error Spotting, Sentence Completion, Synonyms, Antonyms, Correct order of sentences, Active & Passive voice, word analogies.

More than 100 students attended written test from my college and 32 cleared.

Result was announced on 17th June 2014. I got a mail from syntel that I cleared written test and they will inform about interview date shortly. But I received next mail from them on 13th august 2014 that my interview was scheduled to 23rd august, Hyderabad.

On the day of interview there were 3 rounds.

1. Group Discussion.
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR Interview.

Group Discussion:

In each group there were 12 members. 2 topics were given.

1. Foreign Domestic Investment in Retail.
2. Education System in India vs Foreign Nationals.

And we were asked to chose any one topic. And we chose d second one.

I tell you GD is the most difficult round in the entire selection process. It went on very well. Few of them were speaking in favour of India and few in favour of order countries. I spoke about pros n cons of both. HR was very good. He gave chance to dose who did not speak through out. And at the end each member was given 45 secs to give their conclusion. My batch really performed well.

And at the end 4 were selected out of 12. I was one of them. So d rejection ratio is 1:3. In order groups it went up to 1:4 and 1:5. And in few teams only 1 is selected out of 12 candidates. So be confident. Don't speak much. Don't dominate. Speak to the point. Be very clear.

Technical Interview:

I am from ECE. So I prepared C language, Analog n Digital Communications, Digital Logic Design, VLSI, Microprocessors n Controllers. Apart from dese. I was familiar with principles of OOPs n C#. So I prepared that also.

I can say that it was not very tough and not very easy at d same time. It was 2 to 1 round. I went into the cabin and greeted them. One of them was going through my resume.

1. And the order asked me to introduced myself. I did it very well because it was pre-planned.

2. He asked me if I was familiar with oops and I said yes. So he asked me what is inheritance. And I explained it accurately and clearly. But he was asking me are you sure. I said I'm damn sure about it.

3. What is multi-threading? said it.

4. What is encapsulation? answered it well.

5. What is polymorphism. And this question actually killed d time of my interview. I explained it to him so clearly. Den he asked about various types and then about function overloading, operator overloading, overriding etc. Answered all question very accurately and confidently.

6. What is the difference between structure and union.

7. Can you write a program to check whether a number is prime. I wrote it n explained. The he asked me to explain it taking an example.

8. Write a program to check to check length of a string without using stringlen function. Wrote it.

9. And now d other interviewer checked out in my resume that I was among top 2% students who have taken a National Level Aptitude test conducted by NIIT. He asked me questions about it. And gave me many questions on logical and quant which were very easy for me.

Then they asked me wait outside. Later volunteer said me that I cleared technical round.

HR Round: (3 to 1 round).

1. Why did you chose your college?

2. Why from ece to it? I was answering this question. I said I'm good at maths and logical reasoning from school n good at c programming etc. Etc. I was about to say so I found my interest bla bla bla. He stopped me.

3. So akhila your good at maths? tell me 2% of 10.

15% of 38.

100% of 356.

200% of 495.

46% of 68 etc. I answered every question within seconds. He was impressed.

4. Now answer my previous question. What was that?

5. Name 5 companies which are headquarted in order countries but have branches in India.

6. Name 2 companies which are headquarted in India but have branches in order countries.

7. Oder HR asked me about my hobbies and I said reading novels. She asked what was your latest novel and asked me to briefly say the story.

8. So Akhila this is your last questions. When your very good at academics and aptitude. There are many order companies like TCS and Infosys why do you want to join syntel.

And for this question I answered involving their annual revenue, number of employees, how it reached this stage etc.(source : wikipedia).

And that's when I experienced the best moments of my life. When he uttered these words: Congratulations Akhila! you got selected. We will mail you with in a week. All the three of them congratulated me. And I was damn happy!

But its not d same with my friends. For few people they directly said you got rejected n for few of them they said "we will intimate you through mail".

That's all guys! I'm a syntellite now!

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