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Syntel - Pune, June 27, 2014.
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Atubh Bhaware
Hello friends, I\'m Atubh. I\'ve appeared for whole Syntel campus recruitment process. I want to share it with you all before I forget. ;) Here is the full interview.

I registered at, then college approved my registration. Syntel posted job on monster and conducted written exam in college. Criteria was above 60%, no live backlogs and no gap. Exam was on 14th June. It included 3 sections of 30 marks each naming aptitude, logical and verbal. Time allotted was 60 minutes. 20 minutes for each section. It was fixed, we couldn\'t manage one section\\'s time to another. All sections questions were lengthy and medium tough. I solved 18-20 questions correctly in each section n just rounded any option for remaining questions. Because there was no negative marking surely I got some marks in it. My score was definitely 60+. You can imagine cut off now. I got a mail regarding clearing a test after two days of exam. 50+ students from my college cleared this round. Got another mail about after a week regarding face to face rounds date, time and place.

Face to face rounds were at Syntel GDC center, Pune on 27th June 2014. Reporting time was 8am. There were 57 students for this batch. Some were from another colleges too. First there was a group discussion(GD). A group of 10 people each. Two ladies were conducting GD at two different places. Ours was 4th group. One ma\'am was selecting 5-6 students from a group of 10 n another was just selecting 3 from a group n she was taking for so long too. I was hoping I\'m in the group of ma\'am who is selecting 5-6 person. But, the another ma\'am called our group. Our topic was \'Indian cricketers shouldn\'t blame for match fixing.\' Ma\'am already told that positives or negatives won\'t make any difference in the result. She gave 3 minutes to prepare. I didn\'t had any blank page so noted down points on PMT bus tickets. :D Before starting GD I asked ma\'am about time for GD just to attract her attention towards me. GD started by the very first person sitting beside ma\'am. He told all his history n just points which will be discussed in next ten minutes. He didn\'t mention any point regarding topic. Then 9th number candidate started talking. As soon as he started talking I stopped him by saying, " excuse me, sorry for interruption but, if we go line by line , everyone can get a chance to talk and express his views." All candidates were agreed n ma\'am was impressed too. But GD members didn\'t follow the rule. In next turn I started by saying my name, "great, I\'m Atubh. I\'m agree with these people but I think..." Then in next turn started by saying, "well, I\'m partially agree but in my opinion..." As all were talking simultaneously no one could hear my voice so I sensed it n stopped talking. After every few minutes the time comes when no one speaks. I took that time n expressed my views. Most were just concentrating on Sreesanth, ipl issue. But I haven\'t spoken a single word about it. I compared Indian cricketers with other countries players. Gave examples like, "Aussies n Britain players always left IPL for there series like ashes or any other international series. Even Sri Lankan players left IPL for their series. Then why can\'t Indians? Even Indian fielders get much more focus from people n money too. Indians are emotionally attached to game. Then why they need to take bribes? I saw Virat Kohli once talking on a phone on ground in a world cup match. So bookies can get easily contact with players. So BCCI should be strict n bla bla bla,...." In short I mentioned the points which no one touched. N I told it at correct time very patiently. Ma\'am was impressed. I knew my result at this point only. Then she gave a chance to everyone to conclude the topic. I summarised my talk and ended conclusion by saying, "All players should blame for match fixing only after all proofs, victims are collected. It should not be burden on them too." At last she asked everyone some questions. Asked me why I want to join Syntel? I started from history of company covered all the topics like key people, revenue from boot amount to current total revenue, profits, key technologies used, awards given to Syntel, nominations given to Syntel and many more things and ended with a sentence, " so Syntel is the best company to start with!" She was totally impressed. Then asked about my hobbies. I told reading books n writing articles. She asked which book I read recently. Told. Again she asked same question to another people why they want to join Syntel? All were copying my answer. Ma\'am looked at me n smiled. Finally she declared result. 3 amongst 10 were selected for next round which was technical. Of course, I was one of them. :)

Meanwhile they gave a form to fill our personal info, technical skills,... Technical interviews started. Interviewer took 20 minutes interview of second previous candidate of mine. He took 15 minutes interview of the candidate before me. I was just counting interview time. :p My turn came. Interviewer opened the door, I entered and stood beside the chair. He looked at me n said," you don\'t need to wait for my call. Take you chair." I founded him so friendly . I stucked at first question only. He asked to tell me about myself but I didn\'t hear it properly so asked again by just saying sorry. Introduced as, "Well, I\'m Atubh. You might have heard this name first time so I want to explain it. Explained. I\'ve completed my HSC, intermediate and degree from Nanded itself. I pursued B.Tech. degree from SGGSIE&T, Nanded in information technology branch." In short and focused. He was impressed at first question only. Then drew a table and gave a SQL query. I returned a paper with a query within 10 seconds with correctly written query. He was impressed. Asked some questions on C, Cpp, Java. Answered him very clearly and in detail. Then he asked my aim. I said happiness. He asked parameters for my happiness. I said satisfaction. Then he asked what do I want to do testing or development. I told development. He said what if Syntel hire you as a tester. I said," given a choice surely I\'ll choose development but if Syntel finds me more utilised in testing I\'ll do it for few days." He asked few days? What next? I told I\'ll show my talent and will move to development. Then he asked can I join Syntel at Chennai? I said yes. He was totally impressed. I satisfied him for all his answers. Even he ticked boxes in front of my eyes and wrote good comments. Wish him a great day and interview over. I knew my result already. Mine was just 7 minutes interview. Few students were rejected in this round. That 20 minutes wala candidate also got rejected. I got selected. :) Next round was HR.

HR interviewer was so trendy. Wearing woodlands big shoes, fancy hair style n shave style, wearing half slew shirt, big tattoo on right hand just below the elbow. He was taking every interview for 15-20 minutes. He welcomed me into the cabin. Gave me firm handshake and told his name. He saw my resume and said are you from Nanded. But, I heard he is from Nanded so I said wow. But he again asked same question. I told yes. Asked in brief about me. This time he found my name odd n asked meaning. I told. My second previous candidate was also from SGGS. He saw my college name and said," Syntel doesn\'t have more vacancies so I can select just one from your college. You or that previous candidate. Tell me to whom should I select? " I told him first take my interview then decide. Again he asked same question. I requested him to take my interview in a polite firm voice. Then he asked the qualities of that students from SGGS. I was telling he is sincere, regular, friendly,.. He interrupted me in the middle and asked, don\'t you have these qualities? I told I\'ve but you are asking about him so said about him. Then he asked why should I select you? It\'s an alternative question for positives. I said, " I\'m quick learner - can grab things faster, I\'m eager to learn new things, I accept changes and change myself according to it, optimistic - see everything positively, work completion attitude - I never give up, spiritual." He liked it. Smiled at me. Generally, student\\'s answers are like hard working, confident, friendly. Then he asked whether I could join Syntel at Chennai. I said, "Yes, I\'m very mobile. I can go to any part of the country even abroad if conditions occur." He raised his eyebrows and asked me if I have passport? I said,"I don\'t have it now but, it just needs a month to get it." He smiled. Then he asked if he gives me bond of 2 years, am I ready to sign? I told him, you people didn\'t tell package yet so I can\'t. Then he told suppose package is 2LPA. I said, " I can\'t join, but I asked some seniors they told package is more." he asked how much? I told 3.2 LPA. He again raised his eyebrows. Then asked some general questions. Where I stayed,.. Here final round ends. I knew my result. After interview I sat alone. One ma\'am saw me n said,"don\'t worry, you have cleared this round. You can sit with other people." I said yes but still sat alone. She came to me n said,"excuse me, you can sit with other people." I said I\'m fine here. Then she went. After some time they declared results. Only 18 from our 57 students batch were selected. I placed as expected. It wasn\'t a big deal but here, I got my first job. Joining or not joining is different thing but hearing, "YOU ARE SELECTED" sounds cool. Then they gave pre employees form to fill.

It was my second interview. I couldn\'t crack my first interview. But, this time I was 200% more confident, 200% more focused, 200% more prepared n 200% more pimples on face . I\'ve skinny body too. But, went with clean shave, good attire. No deos, perfumes. Purpose behind telling this is they don\'t see these things. Just your skills are important. You should learn from every interview. I knew my confidence come down when I see more clever students. So I need to take care of this. On interview day I didn\'t see at anyone. Just followed rules said by their. I was focused just on my performance. I knew if I have my confidence I can achieve anything.

Syntel campus was amazing. Everything was clean and neat. Everything was posh. People were so cooperative. After completing whole process we were coming back. I was taking photographs of my friends. One girl, Syntel employee came to me, took mobile from my hand and told me to join my friends group. She took 2 photos and returned my mobile and said put this in pocket now, photography is not allowed here. How good!! I really like the Syntel work culture. Very frank n friendly n cooperative. Moreover just five days week. Amazing.

I hope my experience will help you. Comments are highly appreciated. You can always contact me for help. May Buddha bless you all!!