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1. Last month of an year
(a) January (b) February (c) December (d) November
2. Select the odd one
(a) January (b) February (c) Wednesday (d) November
3. Select the antonym of capture from the following
(a) attack (b) Release (c) condemn (d) None of the above
4. Find the antonym of autumn
(a) Spring (b) Winter (c) Summer (d) None of the above
5. One skirt requires 3.75 yards of cloth. How many skirts you can make from 45 yards?
Ans: 12 skirts
6. How can you make a square from two triangles?
7. Is the meaning of Client and Customer,
(a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation
8. Is the meaning of It\'s and Its,
(a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation
9. Is the meaning of Canvas and Canvass,
(a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation
10. Is the meaning of Ingenious and Ingenuous,
(a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation
11. Is the meaning of Credible and Credulous,
(a) same (b) contradictory (c) no relation
12. Select the odd one out.
(a) 1/4 (b) 1/3 (c) 1/6 (d) 1/18
13. Select the least from the following.
(a) 0.99 (b) 1 (c) 81 (d) 0.333
14. Find the next number in the series. 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125
Ans: 0.0625
15. One dollar is saved in one month. Then how much dollar is saved in one day?
Ans: 1/30 =0.0333$