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Sapient Fresher Job Interview, Questions - Noda, 10-Dec-2010
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Hi Friends,

Total Rounds:

1. Written Exam
1. Technical
2. HR

Sapient interview question (both Technical and HR)
Describe yourself.
What is your school location.
What is your college location.
What else apart from academics you do in ur life.
What are your hobbies.
Describe your work in past training.
How can u prove u r not book worm.
What do u know about sapient.
Why u want to work in it.
Which is the most prideful day of yours in c-dac.
Tell me min. no of comparisons select 1 different ball from 9 balls.(2)
Suppose you are in SUV car in descent , I tire got punctured , stepney is not available , also nuts to hold tire are not available , so how do you manage to go Jaisalmer.(ans. There is only 3 tires in desert SUV.)
What is your best day in college.
Describe your college infrastructure ,faculty.
Do u listen any Negative about sapient.
Where will u see yourself after 5 years how u go to that post.
What is quality
What is client.
What is meant by problem solving skills.
Do you want to go for M.Tech.
Why we prefer you as compare to bca or M.Tech.
Tell me any example from past when you work like a team player and handle disputes.
Suppose in your company your partner is not ready to work with u at any cost . what will u do then.
Suppose u alone do whole project but at the end your boss say you are good but your partner is excellent. What will u do then.
Can You work 18 hrs a day.
Which movie you seen last time and what u like in it and why.
Tell me today\'s news. And my opinion for that news.
Don\'t u think u r over-confident.
How are u different from 5000 fresher comes out annually.
How are you different from 15 persons sitting outside room.
Why should we hire you.

I hope this will help you. All the best guys!