Placement Papers - Samsung

Samsung Engineering pvt ltd. - DCET, Panjab university, Chandigarh
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Neha anchal
I would like to share my experience for recruitment of samsung engineering private ltd.

DATE OF VISIT - 30 SEPT, 2013.

Chemical engineering, DCET.

Criteria was cgpa of 7 and above.

There were 2 rounds:

Written -25 technical questions and 50 aptitude questions.

Some of technical questions which I remember.

1. Find press difference in two limbs of differential manometer.

2. Units of kinematic viscosity. 1 stoke=1cm2/s.

3. Fig was given to identify the type of flow.

4. To flow rate through an orifice in given dimensions.

5. Material having max conductivity among the given options.

6. Equipment for determining co2 conc. -orsat analysis.

7. Combustion based easy numerical.

8. Equipments for concentrating sugar solution and to separate solid particles from slurry.

9. Slope of feed line for saturated liquid in distillation.

10. To find equivalent dia. For annular double pipe heat exchanger and this question was an exception given in mcabe.

11. To write expression for lmtd for counter current flow.

12. To write expression for fouling resistance.

13. Why we use baffles to increase turbulence?

14. Why multi pass heat exchanger is used?

15. What is sweetening of petroleum-removal of sulphur from of petroleum?

16. Question from thermodynamics from adiabatic expansion process.

Aptitude comprised of two sections aptitude test was GSAT.

1. 4 sets of data interpretation were given difficulty level was moderate.

2. 5 easy question from basic quant.

3. 5 sets of logical reasoning question difficulty level was moderate.

There was upper limit for cut off. Students who secured between given limits were selected for technical and HR interview. Expected cut off was 15-20 for technical written.

Technical interview was easy and students were mainly asked question from pumps, heat exchangers and basic equations from fluid flow.

HR interview was easy.

Pkg-4.45 lac per annum ctc.

One selected was selected.