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Samsung R & D Labs - Bangalore, Feb 15, 2013
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Hi All,

I attended Samsung R & D labs, Noida Interview in Bangalore.

They have conducted two technical rounds followed by HR interview.

In the first round, panel asked me basic C questions & few questions related to my projects and in second round they asked few questions from C, asked me to brief about all projects which I have done & questions from those projects, basics of RTOS & Linux but won\'t ask much on that. In the third & final round HR asked few questions.

Overall interview was smooth & cool. They guys who took my interview were really good. They asked very basic questions in C. I\'m mentioning below the ques which I remembered:


1. What are storage classes, difference between them, how "register" class works?

2. What is Const & Volatile, difference b/w them, how to use them & where we need to implement these keywords. Explain with example. Can we use both keywords together?

3. Declaration of function pointer?

4. What is static, difference between static and extern?

5. What are structures & unions?

6. What is typedef, #define?

7. Can we declare an array like this:- int n = 10; unsigned char arr[n];

8. How to declare a structure & how to find out the size of structure?

9. I2C Protocol; Bus arbitration & other related ques (I\'ve used this protocol in my project).

10. What is RTOS, Scheduling, different scheduling algorithms? which one is better? what is priority inversion, its solutions?

11. diff b/w user mode and kernel mode?

12. What is process, thread, diff b/w them?

HR: hr will ask simple questions be confident. If you\'ll through technical then there will be very less chances to get reject. They have not done negotiations. Generally they offer good compensation based on you experience, current salary and your educational background.

There are other questions but I\'m not able to re-collect all.