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Samsung Electronics India (Software Engineering Lab, Noida) - 11-12 September 2012, Institute of technology,Nirmauniversity
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Kushal K Gandhi
Dear All,

Samsung Electronics India came to Institute of Technology, Nirma University on 11 and 12 September,2012. CE students were only eligible for Samsung. Criteria was 6.5 CGPA and 60% in 10th,12th. Total 104 of CE, 29 of MCA for Internship and 3 from M.Tech were eligible and applied for it.

There were 4 rounds of Recruitment procudure.

(1) Global Samsung Aptitude Test (GSAT)
(2) Technical Test
(3) Technical Interview
(4) HR Interview

These all rounds were spreaded through 2 days.
On Day-1, written tests and on Day-2 PIs for selected candidates.

Day-1 (11-9-12):

It was a very awaiting moment for me because I wanted to get placed in SAMSUNG.

There was Pre Placement Talk (PPT) at 9:00 AM. The team comprises of 1 HR Manager and 2 Technical Engineers of different departments. They gave fabulous presentation which encourages everyone out there.

It was the time of battle now....

They instructed to give GSAT in two groups of 80 students each approximately.

I gave GSAT in first slot.

The test contains 2 sections
(1) Quant
In this section, there were 4 Data Interpretation sets of 5 ques. each and 5 extra quant ques.
All of them were not very hard but they demanded utmost accuracy and speed.
DI sets were like having tables,bar graphs,pi graph,line chart etc. and ques. based on that only and quant was also easy.
If you are in time then the chance of your selection is more.
I attempted all accurately within 28 minutes around and I spare remaining 2 minutes for verifying my answers.

In this section, there were 5 Analytical and Logical Reasoning sets containing 4-5 ques. each.
All sets were having some conditions and in ques. they asked some particular combination and all.

I attempted 4 complete set and 1-2 ques. after calculation but I attempted all because of no negative marking.

This comprises whole GSAT..

The result of GSAT was declared at around 4:00 PM in which 67 out of 134 gets through.

I was one of them....:) Thanks GOD for giving me chance to go ahead to achieve my dream....:)

Then was Technical Test....
30 ques of 2 marks each with negative marking of (-1) for wrong answer. Time 30 minutes.
Test consists of C,C++,Data Structures,OS and 1-2 general ques.

I attempted 25 and left 5 blank.

I was not very much sure but I had somehow confidence to get through to PI.

The result of this test came at around 6:45 PM and there were 34 students in that and..
I was one of them.....:) Thanks GOD again for all your blessings....:):):):)

Day-2 (12-9-12):

It was life changing day for all of us especially for me.
I came prepared with my portfolio perfectly arranged with all actual mark sheets,certificates and CV.

They asked us for reporting at 9 AM but some delay was there.

They divided 34 students in two panels: Panel 1 and 2 with order of PI.
My name was at 14th place for PI in Panel 2.

Panel 1 was taken by C,C++ expert and Panel 2 was by JAVA,Android Expert.

My turn came at around 3:14 PM and my technical interview lasts around 40 minutes.
I entered after asking permission.
Sir welcomed me with my name and asked me to sit.
Sir asked me to give CV. I gave it.
Sir quickly saw it.
Sir asked me to rate myself in C,C++,DSA and OS out of 10.

I rated C:8.5, C++:8, DSA:8, OS:9

Now questions started..
Some of the questions are as below, I am not able to recollect exact ques but some hint is here:

->What is Spanning Tree?
I was not sure about it though i read it recently so I told that I was not able to recollect it at that time.
As I could not answer, sir told me in light way that I had rated myself 8/10 in DSA,right ??
I smiled....sir also smiled

->What is Postfix Expression?
I perfectly explained..Sir was pleased with my explanation

->How will you get Postfix notation from tree through traversal?
I couldn\'t think much at that time so my answer was:"I think Post-Ordre Traversal" which was indeed correct answer but with lack of confidence

->State me 5 application of Stack in real-life?
I became somewhat nervous as I was required to think for answer of this ques.
Sir asked me to explain answer in paper
I wrote
(1) Expression Evaluation
(2) Function calling
Sir detected my nervousness and so he told me to get time for thinking and then answering.
So I took a little time and I wrote
(3) Expression conversion
(4) Saving Local variables of local scope

I could not think of 5th application so sir gave me that. Sir told:"(5) Verify either an expression is valid or not" through open and close braces checking

->What is D-Queue?
I explained well with additional information. Sir was happy with me.

->What is its application?
I explained by recollecting information which I read recently for preparation

->What is Inheritence? Types of it?
I gave perfect explanation with all types of it. Sir was pleased.

->Sir wrote one class:

class my
int a;
int b;

int c;
int d;

int e;
int f;

Sir asked me to explain about how variables a,b,c,d,e,f will get inherited to derived class?

I gave right answer.

->What is Forward Declaration?
I gave right answer.

->What is PCB (Process Control Block)? What are its components?
I explained fairly.

->Sir asked me from my CV that I had done seminar on Touch Screen technologies. So was it in team?
I told that no it was individual seminar

->Sir told me that some other student is also having same topic.
I was remembering that this topic was also assigned to one other student who was also selected for PI. So I said that:"Sir actually He is in another class so he has also been given this topic."
I had mentioned his name(student\'s) also so sir was impressed as i had that information with me.

Then Sir thanked I was required to stand up and leave the room as Interview was over.

But I told to sir:"Sir, can I add something about myself?"
Sir told me:"Ya sure"
I said:"Sir I did my projects in Android and currently I am working on my minor project as well.
Sir, that\'s why I want to join SAMSUNG."

Then sir saw my projects in CV and told me:"So you are building applications?"
I said:"Yes sir"

Then sir asked me ques about Android.
->You know Android Life-cycle. Tell me when onPause(),onStop() and onDestroy() methods will be called?

I was knowing life-cycle but I was not very much sure about asked methods but I managed to give answer. It was not exactly right.

So,Sir explained my whole answer.
And asked me:"You got the answer?"
I said:"Yes sir"

Then again explained me complete answer because Sir detected my doubt about his answer.

Then Sir Told me:"Thank you Kushal"
I told him:"Thank you sir"

And sir asked me to call next candidate.
I told him:"Ok sir" and thanked again.

So this completes my around 40 minutes long technical Interview.

Then My HR Interview got completed within 10 minute.

I was now desperately waiting for my name to come in final list.
I was remembering my parents,family and GOD....:)

The result came at around 7 PM and....
I was one of the 25 students who got selected for SAMSUNG....Thanks to GOD,Parents and Family..:):):):)

This way I got my dream job..and achieved what I was thinking of:"I want to get selected in Samsung"

I got selected in Samsung now.
All the best to you all.
I wish that God helps you getting your dream job.:)