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Robert Bosch
Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Siliguri Institute Of Technology 29th August 2017 and 4th September 2017
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Shubham Chakrabarty
Hi guyzz, I\'m going to share my experience of the pool campus drive of "Robert Bosch". The online aptitude test was conducted by "AMCAT".

Around 260 students from different colleges of our zone participated in the drive.

Online aptitude test consists of English language, logical and quantitative reasoning and few technical questions. The test was easy and if you go through "INDIABIX" it will be very easy. Total 52 students got selected and I was among them. In the technical interview.

Interviewer: Introduce yourself.

Me: Told, and included the final year project which was ongoing (just tell him everything related to your studies but yes don\'t include your marks and all these things.

Interviewer: Explain all our projects.

Me: Explained with block diagrams.

Interviewer then asked few questions on C programming like swap two numbers both using and without using pointers, Structures and unions, difference between microprocessor and micro-controller, different types of interrupts and their functions.

Me: Told everything.

Interviewer: Asked me to draw an integrator using op-amp.

Me: I drew the circuit but he further gave me a condition and asked me add certain passive circuit elements like resistor and capacitor and asked me what would be the output which I couldn\'t answer.

Interviewer: How many types of rectifier circuit do you know?

Me: Told and drew the circuit diagram with waveform.

Interviewer: Do you have a plan to do higher studies.

Me: No sir I want to work for Bosch.

He smiled and gave me form and asked me to take it to the HR, we had a handshake and I left the room.

NOTE: Prepare your CV according to your strength the interviewer will ask majority (in my case it\'s around 95%) of questions from your CV.

In the HR round.

HR: Introduction.

Me: Told (this time you may include your family background) your achievements in other areas.

HR: Why should I Hire you?

Me: Tell something you are good at but yes that should be related to your job such as I\'m a "workaholic" etc.

HR:Explain the practical application of your project.


HR: What qualities do you have?

Me: Don\'t lie because he/she is far more experienced in reading your body language so its better to say only those things which you can describe with confidence.

HR: If you are selected then do you agree to work with us for some time? (the time varies according to the HR).

Me: Answer this question keeping in mind that he will judge you on d basis of this.

He will ask you about locations and this question matters a lot.

Both the questions are very straightforward but be positive and be confident and always keep a smile on your face.

Finally one day after they announced the final list of selected students (total of 25) and I was among them.

I hope this will help you guys.

Best of luck :).