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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - KIIT UNIVERSITY, BHUBANESWAR
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Hello guys,

It was a pooled campus conducted by Bosch on 23 Aug 2016 at our college. Close to 600-700 odd students appeared for the written exam.

The placement drive consists of 3 steps:

1. Written test.
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR interview.

I am from EEE branch. Students from CS/IT and ELECTRONICS were allowed in this drive. Mechanical was not allowed this time due to lack of business requirements.

The first round was aptitude with 35 technical and 25 aptitude questions. The aptitude has negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer marked.

Questions were given from Analog, Digital, Control systems, Microprocessor, Op Amp, Aptitude, Logical reasoning, and English. Aptitude was easy but you need to have the basics for the technical section.

Hire Pro conducted the Online examination. A total of 167 students qualified after the written, out of which 74 were from our college and rest from the different others participating.

Some of the questions from the written were:

* Identifying a given op-amp circuit.
* Finding the transfer function and feedback concept.
* Finding resolution, sensitivity of expression.

Also some questions from C programming i.e. predicting output and also pointers, arrays, memory allocation etc.

Questions 36-60 were from aptitude and English. Topics covered were percentage, profit & loss, ratio, time and work, time and distance etc.

Interview was scheduled for the next day but some of us were called immediately because of some issues. So I went directly for the interview. I was sent for the interview and it started. To all students aspiring, I would like to tell one thing about me that I am an average student in my domain part i.e. Electronics but I am very much passionate about programming and software skills. The interviewer started me with some basic electronic questions like Analog signals, how to convert analog signal into digital one and few others. I tried answering it to my best. But, the interviewer as I said was very much helpful.

Seeing my resume, he asked me that he sees that I have much interest in IT sector, programming, etc. He asked me if I would wish to give the interview for CSE/IT with those guys to which I was very happy and said a yes to it. To this, the interviewer himself went up to his team and asked permission for me so that I could give an interview for CS/IT seeing my interest in that sector. He came to me and asked to wait for some time.

After about 40 minutes I was again called into the interview room and was directed to a new person who was to take my fresh interview. The man was very calm and cool. My interview lasted for about 50 minutes. and he asked me about my interests in the field. All questions were asked from my resume.

I was asked about ANDROID as I had a certification in it. Also, some questions on website development section mostly about the servers and its creation were asked. Later on, he asked me about my favorite programming language to which I said JAVA and that I also know C programming. 2-3 questions were asked from C and then was asked to write a program to check whether a given string was Palindrome or not.

Then I was asked about Pointers and was asked to write a program to swap two numbers using pointers. Then I was asked about usage of RAM in the mobile phones and it\'s allocation. Last 10 minutes I was asked about some basic electrical and electronics questions like Motors,Types of motor etc. I was also asked to explain what did I learned in DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING in 5th semester. I was also asked about my fav. subject in those 3 years to which I said DIGITAL ELECTRONICS. I was asked about K-MAPS and some logic gate questions.

That was all for the technical section. I cleared the technical round and was sent for the next HR interview.

Questions asked there:

* Your rank in KIIT entrance.
* Why EEE?
* Any regrets for not taking CS branch.
* About my family.
* Why BOSCH should hire you?
* About my projects.

I was also asked as to how was the PPT and what was good in that lastly, he asked whether I had any questions for him. I would suggest all to definitely ask some questions as this shows your interest in the firm. I asked him about the role and work to be carried out being from Electronics. 

HR interview lasted for only 8-10 minutes. I greeted the interviewer and came back.
Results were announced the next day and I was one of them to get selected.

Thank you BOSCH.

Total 33 were selected from our college and 8 were selected from EEE (7 girls and 1 boy).

I would just like to give one advice that even if you are an electronic student and have a great interest in Programming and Software Skills then don\'t loose hope. Even I had feared that I don\'t have that much proficiency but thanks to the interviewer for giving me a chance to appear for an IT interview and not electronics.

So, if you are not that much perfect in domain but rather have a great interest in programming then I would just suggest one thing that u should directly tell this to the interviewer as they are very polite and if I deserve a chance they will definitely provide you one irrespective of the branch and domain.

Thanks!! and all the very best.