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Robert Bosch Placement Paper - KIIT Bhubaneswar, Aug 24th, 2016
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V. Tarun Kumar

Branch: EE

Date of Campus Placement Drive: 23rd and 24th of August 2016.

The campus drive was organized at KIIT Bhubaneswar on the aforementioned date. The placement drive consists of 3 steps, in the same sequence .

1. Written test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR interview

Robert Bosch generally presents a power point presentation or a seminar before commencing the drive. The ppt provides an insight of the company. It discusses about its founding father upon whom the company is named, its principles and ethics. Further down the line the company describes its organizational structure. The other aspects covered in the seminar are

1. Career path of employee
2. Compensation package
3. Opportunities to work abroad
4. Other branches of Robert bosch
5. Job security (which is pretty much high as the company is not public listed)
6. Research and development scope
7. Presence in India and offices (Robert Bosch has its main offices located in Bengaluru and Coimbatore)

The recruitment procedure is as explained below:


- The test is conducted by "hiring co" on behalf of Robert Bosch.
- No calculator, ruler, rough sheets, purse, mobiles or any other personal belongings are allowed other than pens and pencils.
- Sheets for rough calculation are provided by the examiners
- The test is an online test comprising of 60 questions and of 6o minutes duration
- The test consists of 35 technical and 25 aptitude questions
- Each right answer carries +1 mark and each wrong answer carries -0.25 penalty
- You are warned not to navigate away from the test page. Navigating away once from your test page will warn you. If you navigate away twice, then the online test portal shuts down, so please be careful
- The technical questions for electrical and electronic students come from the following topics

1. AEC (555 timer, op-amps, BJTs, FETs, diodes, clippers and clampers )

Some of the MCQs from the topic are

Q. No. of 5 ohm resistors in 555 timer (ans:3)
Q. which mode of BJT is not preferred(ans: Reverse active mode)
Q. The RMS value of a given half wave rectifier circuit (using diode)
Q. Identifying a given op-amp circuit
Q. output gain of opamp for various configurations(inverting and non-inverting mode)

2. DEC(counters, flipflops and latches, K-maps, logic gates. R2R ladders, Analog to digital converters, Digital to analog converters)

Some of the MCQs from the topic are

Q. Find no. of counters required for a given mode no. for Johnson counters(ex- for 10 mod counter no. of Johnson counters rqd? Ans. 20)
Q. For a given output, find the logic gate
Q. No. of gates NAND,NOR, XNOR etc gates required for an expression
Q. Simplification of expressions
Q. Find resolution, sensitivity of expression

3. Control systems (transfer function, feedback)

Generally there are 1 to 2 questions from the topic and are quite simple

4. C programming(output of a given program, finding the memory location from a staring address, pointers and arrays, structures and union, datatypes, error detection in program)

The questions were slightly tougher however indiabix provides sufficient practice through the free mock tests. A piece of advice, don\'t mug up the answers, try to understand the way it is solved . For simple and fast understanding of the C programming, u can study from . It really is of great help

Q. about the syntax error in structure
Q. address stored in a pointer in a given program
Q. bitwise shift of a number


The question come from a varied range of topics such as

* English vocab, antonyms, reasoning, synonyms, jumbled words etc.
* Mixtures, speed and distance, number systems, dice, cubes,profit and loss, CP and SP, time and work etc

Technical Interview:


1. Be sure to carry all relevant documents
2. your CV, and passport photos
3. Certificates for proof of achievements (even though they don\'t always go through your portfolio
4. Basic knowledge of your subjects
5. keep your answers simple and to the point

Be sure to have a clear concept of your subjects, you don\'t need to know all about the subjects but whatever you study, be perfect in it. Don\'t meddle in too many topics, this would load your brain. Don\'t try to cram the topics, try to understand it. 

Generally the interview lasts for an hour or so. My interviewer was a real gentleman. He checked my CV and quipped for a short introduction. My favourite subjects were asked and the questions were asked from those topics.

(In my case the subjects of choice were: control system, electrical machines, AEC and Power system)
 The ambience of the interview was very friendly, (Bosch has best and most friendly interviewers!)

Some of the questions asked were:

Q. What is damping ratio?
Q. Draw underdamped, overdamped, critically damped systems\' output waveform for step input
Q. Stability analysis of a system
Q. Find the power consumed for given values of I,R and t
Q. The working of alternators. Various components of generators
Q. Power generation at substations
Q. Type of transformers used at power house
Q. Reason for high voltage of Transmission lines
Q. Ohm\'s law. Effect of temperature change in conductor and semiconductor
Q. Models of transmission lines
Q. Write a program for factorial
Q. Pointers and addresses

The interviewers may also at times ask you simple practical questions such as

- Give an engineering solution to a draw water from a lake to a hill

HR Interview:

My HR interview was shortest. It only lasted for 10-15 minutes.


1. Maintain a proper attire
2. Keep a decent body language (they observe it too)
3. Don\'t over talk, don\'t move your hands too much
4. Talk looking into the interviewer\'s eyes, it makes the interview more comfortable

The questions generally asked are

1. Tell us about yourself
2. Sell yourself
3. Why should we hire you?
4. Why Robert Bosch-pay , ethics or brand?
5. Would you like to apply for higher studies?
6. What are your expectations from us?
7. Are you comfortable working in different places

Before completing the interview the HR may ask you for a feedback such as

- Do you have any questions?
- How would you rate your interview?

Be genuine in your doubts and smart in approach. Avoid asking about pay hike or if you are selected not!

Ask decent questions such as

Is there anything about me that concerns you?
What do you want in your employee?

And kindly brush up your knowledge about your hobbies.  Its advisable to have minimum knowledge about your hobbies. For example if your hobby is reading or writing stories/poems
Then try to remember a poem or quote from your favorite writer.

Finally! Keep calm and all the best everyone!