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Robert Bosch
ROBERT BOSCH Interview Experience - KOLKATA, 2nd February and 12 February 2016
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Hi, this is Rohit Adhya from B. P. Poddar Institute Of Management And Technology, Kolkata. Some colleges (including B. P. PODDAR) organised the pool campus drive on 2nd February, 2016 at MCKV Institute of Engineering, Liluah, Kolkata.

First of all, I would like to thank all the seniors and IndiaBix, who have shared their interview experiences, it helped me so much.

Post: Associate Software Engineer.

Criteria :

1) 10 & 12 as 70% & above and CGPA as 7 & above.


The placement process took over a period of 2 days (2nd Feb and 12 Feb, 2016).

2nd Feb: Aptitude (Technical+Quanti+Logical+Verbal).

(1 Mark is awarded for every correct answer and 0.25 is deducted for every wrong answer).

Technical (35bquestions) : Most of the questions for ECE students came from.

1. Basic electronics(transistor, feedback amplifier, op-amp, semiconductor).

2. Digital electronics(2\'s and 9\'s complement, code converter (ex. Binary to gray code converter), flip flop (basically J-K Flip Flop, Master slave), logic gate (XOR).

3. Microprocessor(interrupt, register).

4. Analog Electronics(555 timer, filter).

5. Control System(transfer function).

I have prepared well Microcontroller, but I didn\'t get any questions from Microcontroller.

There was an another portion(5 questions) 5 C programs. Find the output.

Quanti: This portion was very easy. (ages, time and distance, time and work, simple interest, boats and streams, profit and loss).

Logical: blood relations, coding (4 qstns came) , number series, finding error.

Verbal: antonyms, synonyms, 2 passages (answers were from the passage itself (just go through line by line).

12 Feb:

Technical Interview: As the post was Software Engineer, Interviewer asked me most of the questions from C, Data-Structure, Java, Project.

Duration of my Interview was 45-50 minutes but the interviewer was so good that I haven\'t realized how the time flew away. He behaved with me as if he is my best friend or my favourite elder brother.

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Why Software though you are a Electronics Student?

3. He checked my cv concentrately, and asked all the questions from my cv.

4. Advantages of C language.

5. Gave one program using counter, I tried my best but I could not.

6. Factorial using recursion, leap year, palindrome number, reversal of string.

7. Data Structures(bubble sort, merge sort, linked list, queue, trees traversal, binary search tree, circular linked list, sorting program).

8. Features of OOPs. (mainly Inheritance, he asked me so many questions from inheritance, like. Multiple inheritance program).

After that, Sir told me. Well Rohit. You completed your technical interview successfully, but one more technical interview required as you are from Ece domain.

Next Interview duration was 15-20 minutes, he (another interviewer) asked me only from my project. (my project was on ARDUINO, advance robotics).

Sir told me Wait outside for HR interview.

HR Interview:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Tell me about your family.

3. Tell Something that is not in your cv.

4. She asked me the location of my School and college. I answered.

Then asked. You completed your all the academics near your home, so will you be interested to go outside, Bengal.

5. Why Bosch?

6. Why would we hire you?

7. Why ECE to Software?

8. Your hobby?

Mam: Ok, Rohit We will announce the result within one week. Best of luck for your future.

Me: Thank you mam.

On, 16 February they announced the result. That day was a red letter day to me. They selected 13 students (ECE-7, EE-2, CSE-2, IT-2) and I was there. I am very happy because I am selected in my dream company.

TIPS: Concentrate on all the basic topics because question is simple.

Prepare the basic concepts of all the topics/subjects which are in your CV.

Be confident and always have a positive attitude.