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Robert Bosch
ROBERT BOSCH Engg and Business Solutions - Bangalore, July 2012
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Hi all,

Reading the experiences of others helped me in the interview process and I thought of contributing to this page. :)

Robert Bosch was one of the 1st core engg companies to visit our campus. There were 3 rounds:

Online test- Part1: Aptitude and English- the usual quantitative aptitude and logical analysis. solving previous placement papers and other material will help you in this.
English was not bad, but there were many questions (it was also a patience test I guess :D )

Part 2: Technical- (Depending on your branch) Since I come from telecom, the questions were mostly from the 2nd and 3rd year of engg. Digital ckts, analog ckts, op-amps, VLSI, network analysis, microcontroller.. a few questions on C and OOPS.

I do not remember exactly but I guess it was a total of 60+30 questions.

Once we completed the online test, we were in a dilemma as everyone said they had done pretty much "ok, not bad" :)

After 1 or 2 days there was the presentation by the company. They talked about the companies growth and profits,about the various roles that we can be part of and the technology that Bosch has been perfecting over several years (most exciting cars :)

Once they had made the presentation, the selected candidates were called. I was so excited when my name was called out that I pretty much dont remember what happened the next few minutes :p

They began by calling students from each branch. All of us were busy brushing through basic concepts till our turn was announced. Finally,I was called for the 1st round- the technical interview. This was the 1st interview I faced in my entire life and it took a minute or two for me to collect my thoughts and proceed.

I walked up to the interviewer with my file in one hand and a smile :) She was kind and welcoming. :) I wished her, introduced myself and handed my resume. She looked through it and asked about my certifications.

Then she asked, "Ok, what is your favourite subject?" This was the Star Question in the interview process. Everyone of us was interviewed based on the answer we gave to this question. Once I said that it was digital electronics, she began by asking questions about the basic concepts in that subject. I answered the questions by depicting with appropriate logic diagrams. When I was stuck on one question, she did give me a hint and said "I think I should get the point for that, don\'t you think so?" I smiled and she continued by asking me questions from C language. Since I had only studied the subject in 1st year, she was quite satisfied by the answers I gave. I promptly said " I\'m sorry mam, but I am unable to recollect the answer" if I did not know any answer. She asked a couple of questions from other basic concepts in engg subjects which I was able to answer pretty well.

Then she said, "Ok, fill in this form and proceed to HR". I was overjoyed as only if a candidate cleared the tech interview, they were allowed to proceed to HR round. I thanked her and proceeded to HR Round.

HR round went well. He asked questions about my family background, higher studies, my hobbies. He also asked a couple of questions about communication engg (my branch). He asked if I was sure whenever I answered.

As I understand it, it was to basically test one\'s confidence and attitude when cross-questioned. He took my form and said "Ok, thank you, we will announce the results on Monday" :)

The following week, the selected list of candidates were announced. I was on really happy to see my name on the list.

To get through Bosch I believe that one has to do well in the online test. After that it is about your knowledge in the basic concepts, your confidence, patience, attitude, body language and most important having a sound knowledge in at-least a few of the engg subjects.

Good Luck :)