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Robert Bosch
Robert Bosch - Bangalore, August 27, 2012
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//Bangalore Institute of Technology - Computer Science Student

1. Written round - 60 Aptitute + 30 Technical

    Quantitative -- had all the usual areas like probability, ratio-proportions, problems on trains, boat stream, profit loss etc.
    Verbal -- part had a quite a few no of questions, the paragraph was a bit complex and there were some questions related to meanings of words and finding the odd one out etc
    Technical -- Most of the questions were from c/c++, with code snippets given where we had to find the output or correct the error. Some 5 questions related to "namespace". A flowchart was given and questions were asked on that. And the remaining had database n networks questions.

2. Technical Interview

   Asked a lot of questions on database like normalization, gave queries to write and asked to explain how the query works and also how data is brought in, after the execution of the query, to be displayed on the screen. what is Transparent database, serialization etc..
   Application level differences on C n C++. Had to write a code for a question where a range of values like 1 to 100 or -.05 to 49.67 is given and we have to print the values for all elements in that range multiplying it with the current line number and the answer obtained for the previous line.
  Computer Networks questions regarding OSI model n its layers, routing, mutiplexing, FDM n TDM etc..

3. HR Round
   Usual questions about family background, why bosch, why should we hire you etc..