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Robert Bosch
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Bijayalaxmi Biswal
Hi All Friends

Robert Bosch came to our campus on 13-8-2008. There were totally 5000 students who took up the first round. It was a written test constituting of 60 questions out of which 35 were technical 15 were quantitative aptitude and 10 were verbal.

This article is for CSE and IT students. There are separate papers for other departments..

There are a total of 60 questions out of which 35 are Technical 15 are Aptitude and 10 Verbal.

Section 1: (Technical)
concentrate on the following areas for technical:
1. C (pointers)
2. Data Structures
3. Operating System
4. Networks.
5. C++

10 questions were from C pointers (all were very easy).

In Data Structures some of the questions were like
1. which of the following is the most efficient for implementing trees.
2. what is the length of the full binary tree.
3. do the post order traversal for the following tree.

Problems were asked from Operating System which were a little tough (the only question which was easy was "which command is used for partitioning the hard disk?" ans: partn) (other questions were problem type based on paging and segmentation)

Then some easy questions from Networks like:
 1. which class has got the minimum no: of IP addresses.

Section 2: (Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal)

15 questions were from Quantitative Aptitude.
concentrate on the following areas:
1. percentage
2. profit and loss
3. problem on numbers
4. time and distance
5. ratio
6. ap and gp(very very important)

10 from Verbal:
concentrate on the following areas:
correct the following sentances(2)
arrange the sentances in correct order(6)
true and fasle(2)

Finally only 300 were selected out of the first round.. I did not make it but I hope whoever found this article useful is definitely gonna get thro..

The second round wil be fully technical for which we will be sent to Coimbatore. I dont know about the other rounds..

so all the best!!! prepare well. if u think this article was helpful then please do mail me..