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Polaris Interview Experience - Hyderabad, December 14, 2015 - CVR College of Engineering
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Vinay Kumar
Hi guys, I\'ve attended for the Polaris company, the selection process in polaris includes the following 3 steps.

1. Written exam.
2. GD.
3. Personal interview.

Written exam consists of 50 questions which covered from all the sections of quants equally starting from numbers and system to clocks, it includes logical question and also 4-5 verbal questions the verbal section is also an easy one, they have given the familiar words. To crack this round the prerequisite is one must know the basics of all the sections. It was a surprise test for us, they didn\'t informed us that they were coming, even though I cracked the exam, because it was the simple math sums quite similar to AMCAT problems.

In group discussion they have given the topic Swatch Bharat, but they have divided the groups based on alphabetical order, so I was the last member in my group. First they asked us to give the individual opinions for 2 mins, I have no points to tell because all the points were covered by other group members, somehow I have managed. Second they asked to start GD, here their is chance to add some points if you have missed in the first time, I have done well in this round and was selected for interview. Remember do speak but without grammatical mistakes and with confidence. In a group of 12 they have selected 11 members, that shows only what matters is to speak so that you can crack GD.

We had to go to Polaris company for interview which is located in Gachibowli, firstly I was shocked to see the campus because its my first MNC which I\'ve entered into. Even security guards room was equipped with AC, that amazes me very much. After some time we\'ve entered into the office, they served us with snacks. The interview in polaris is quite different from others, they will ask you different situations and asks what will you do in that situation and how will you react it, all of them says real life problems, it lasts for 25-30 mins. I was lucky the interviewer is very much friendly to me. He asked many questions, I remember only some of them.

1. How was the company?

2. Tell me about yourself?

3. Differences b/w C and JAVA, explained for 5 mins and was very much impressed for my answer felt positive.

4. Why is your % keep varying from 10th to B.Tech. Explained with examples.

5. Asked who\'s your best friend and asked phone no then said can I call to your friend and ask about your behaviour I said yes, he leaved the panel and returned after sometime.

6. Asked about 2 moments that you have felt proud about you.

7. Diff between Software and Hardware.

8. Software means?

9. Asked to correlate your strengths with your real life example. Said confidently.

If they asks are you willing to relocate and flexible for night shifts, you can be sure about getting a job, which happened to me. After one week the results were out, and I was among 9 members. Be confident and maintain eye contact, that\'s more than enough, tell about yourself but not a fake story.

It was my 4th interview, I was very much frustrated because all of my friends got placed in companies. one of my friends said that "SUCCESS MAY BE DELAYED BUT NOT DENIED" its true something better is waiting for you, you must not loose confidence. It happened to me the immediate next day of polaris, we have HP company, I was placed in that too..:-). So don\'t loose hope believe in your instincts. My experience will helps you. Please share your experience it may build confidence about getting a job and an idea that how the interview process will be.

Good luck to those who\'ve been trying for job and congrats to the people who got placed.