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Polaris Interview Experience - Hyderabad, December 5, 2015
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Hi everyone,I am here to share my interview experience in Polaris.

The interview process comprised of 3 rounds.

Round 1:

Online aptitude+logical test which comprised of 50 questions, a basic knowledge in aptitude is enough for cracking the first round.

Round 2:

Group discussion: Topic (Ad\'s are good or bad).

The only way to clear this round is to gain an impression of having ability to speak.

Round 3:

Technical and HR Interview.

There were about 5 panels. I was called into the panel no.5 for the interview luckily the interviewer is the one who conducted GD for our group.

Me: Good afternoon, sir.
HR: Hi take your seat.

Me: Thank you, sir.
HR: Explain me about your project.

No introduction this time as I already known to him.

Me: I explained about my project including UML, ER diagrams and gave a crystal clear description of my project.

He examined my resume and asked me the experience you got working as an enumerator in the Telangana Kutumbha survey, I told some bla bla stuff related to the village and the people living there where I was appointed as an enumerator.

HR: Programming languages you are good at?
ME: C, Java.

HR asked me some basic questions related to C and Java and then asked me to write a simple swapping of two numbers without using third variable in Java. I wrote and he checked my Java Programming skills asking the definitions of polymorphism, encapsulation etc.

HR: Then he asked me how good you are in SQL.
ME: I said that I am not too perfect but I am good at basics.

He asked me to tell the concepts you are good in SQL.

In response to it I told around 6-10 names of the concepts I am good at SQL.

Then HR said that you are done with your interview and asked me to ask any questions related to the company.

I asked about the position of mine if I got selected into the company.

He explained me.

And after about weekdays later they sent us mail regarding the shortlisted students only 4 members have got selected luckily I am the one among those four.