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Polaris Software Lab Ltd Interview Experience - Nagpur, October 12, 2015
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Hi, whoever going to attend Polaris, it is going to be an little bit easy task.

First round : They call it as PAT, where 50 basic aptitude questions were asked. It requires just basic knowledge of Aptitude and topics in test are Numbers, P&C and some verbal questions. 50 questions within 70 minutes. From 300 students only 90 crack the PAT.

My tip: Solve only 40 questions correctly and check it carefully. After that go rest questions.

Most important no negative marking and calculator is allow cutoff = 30.

Second round : HR - Depending on the HR, it would be a technical or a personal. They ask me about introduction, about project prepare well about your final year project. As I am ECE they ask me about why do you want to join software company as you are ECE? The HR is so nice to me. They are just checking your communication skills that how you present yourself.

After 2 days my college TNP officer tell me that you are selected. Happy now.