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Polaris Interview Experience - Nagpur
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First there was online test which was not much difficult.

Preparation from R. S. Aggrawal is more than sufficient. After 2 days result of apti was cleared. Then after some days there was GD and interview on same day.

Only one HR sir was there who took both GD and interview. GD was the major elimination process. Only about 17 students cleared out of 49 students so please pay special attention in GD. My topic of GD was role of women in development of society.

My advice is don\'t speak too much or too less and while speaking please speak relevant content. In interview HR sir mostly asked questions on major and mini project.

Others were general questions such as what is cookies, sessions? What is difference between different browsers? So have some general questions related to computer world prepared for interview.

After some days result was declared and I was one of the selected candidates. All the best for your process.