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This is Rakeshkannan. I would like to share my interview experience in Polaris. First round was Polaris Aptitude test. It was online test. It had been taken hardly one hour fifteen minutes. After completing test for batch 1 which contains 150 students, they have been shortlisted only 8 students. Unfortunately I was there.

The coordinator collected photocopies of all the certificates, government Id proof, Passport size photo. They have announced that I would be getting mail for further round within 2 days. It was happened on 19th jan 2014. I got mail for technical interview on 20th Jan 2014 at 1.13PM. Being an ECE student, I don\'t know the java technology in depth. So I just downloaded Java Basics from the java tutorial. I had reached company around 8am. The interview had been scheduled for me at 10am. They have sharply started interview. I am the third person in the first batch. They have called me in third panel. Two Technical Recruiters were there. I have shocked.

They warmly welcomed me. I took seat.


ME(M) : Good morning Sir.

Recruiter1(R1) : Good Morning. Take your seat.
M: Thank you sir.

R1: Tell me about your self:
M: I have given about me.

R1: Why you have done many paper presentation.
M: Its my hobby during college days.

R1: You told that you got 25th Rank holder, Why none of the companies hired you.
M: Actually I have not gone over there. Because its an off campus. Most of them recruit from their college itself.

R1: (they convinced) What is the rating of your programming.
M: Being ECE, I would like to rate myself as 3.5/5.

R1: Why do you want to enter into polaris in-spite of networking company.
M: I have passion in software technology.

R1: Why you have done ECE in your college.
M: When I have joined in college, it was rescission period, I have taken there.

Recruiter2 (R2) : I have to test your knowledge. They have asked me to write the program in any language such as C, C++, Java etc for interchanging two numbers without using SWAP function.

M: I have given. They have noticed only logic.
R2: Ok. Tell about your projects.

M: I have given. (They Have noticed only communication skills now).
R2: You can wait for outside.

M: Thank you.

I have thought that I have not cleared it. But finally coordinator asked me to sign in the form. I have signed. At that time, I have thought that it was the procedural. But who were all unsigned, they had been rejected. They asked us to go for HR round.

I was the second one.

Two HR\'s there.

HR1: Good noon, sit down.
M: Gd noon, Thank you.

Hr1: Tell me about yourself.

Same questions are replicated here also.

The male HR told me that you are very soft in nature. He don\'t know how I am able to handle the criteria here.

I have told that give me chance.
I was waited for sometime. They told me that you have been selected.

Waiting for OFFER LETTER!

Dont worry. You will be polarislite as soon as possible.

See you there in our office campus.