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Polaris Interview Experience - Amalapuram, December 4, 2014
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Sri Kalyani
Hi friends,

I have attended for Polaris consulting &services ltd on 4th December conducted in our campus. It mainly consists of 3 rounds.

1) Written Test.
2) Group Discussion.
3) HR & TR.

Written test consisted of topics like permutations, combinations, odd man out, verbal ability etc. The test was not too tough nor too easy. REFERENCE: Aggarwal, IndiaBix.

A madam and Sir came 2 interview us. In GD round they divided us in to two groups. And to our group they gave us topic about HUDHUD toofan and about swach bharat 2 other group. They mainly focused on current affair topics.

After filtering some students they called one after other 2 PI (personal Interview). In this round they mainly focused on my resume, gestures, grooming sense especially for boys, articulation too. Next they asked some basic questions about C, Java.

After 2 days they sent the list of selected students to the mail. By Gods Grace my name was in the list.

I felt very happy. ALL THE BEST TO you GUYSSS.