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Snil mahor
Hi Friends

The paper pattern was like this......

total of 60 questions which must be completed within an hour....
the first 6 questions were from C (basics)
the next set was from microprocessors (8085-around 10 q)
then the major part was from R S Agarwal... around 35 to 40 questions
logical reasonin and verbal....10 questions

that was wid the writing..... they told us that the cut off was 50%....(i doubt tat very much)
from 2500 students they shortlised around 441 students...

the next round was GD....(in a panel around 14 students)
from this round they shortlisted 142 students....

the next round was technical HR (it included the round of personl hr also, Maybe due to lack of time)

Atlast 50 students were selected from the last round.... then we were given our OFFER LETTERS.....

Hope the above listing would give u all an idea of the selection process. GOOD LUCK.