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Vikram Vishal
Hi Friends

Im Naresh Kumar attended Polaris @ Vel multimedia on 19 July very happy to inform that i got selected and the selection procedure was very simple...

1. Apptitude (C+Microprocessor+UNIX+Analytical+Quantitave+Verbal)
2. Tech+HR
usually there would be group discussion, but since it was an off campus, i think they dint conduct gd..but friends be prepared for group discussion too...

1. Aptitude was quite easy ... The first five question were from C, it was quiet basic...I referred questions from previous papers and to my surprise all the question came from refer that..

In technical the question were from microprocessor, only one question from UNIX..
c-5 questions
micro processor-9 questions
unix-1 question
analytical thinking-in the form paragraph 5 question
quantitative-R.S agarwal is enough.
verbal-5 questions(it may be analogy or synonyms)
totally 60 questions and the cut off was around 30.. so its quiet easy to crack..

2. Technical cum HR round..
This round was very intersting...I had no hope because, i dont know told him frankly that i dont he started asking puzzles to me..totally 3 puzzles..

1. totally 10 balls are there, out of that 9 were of same weight and 1 is off diff weight, find that ball using minimum measurement..
Ans.first divide the balls into three section ... 3,3,3,1
in weighing machine u put first two set of balls ... if u found that both are equal means u remove 6 balls and in the remaining 4 balls u split that into 2 and 2.....and now weight that now u will able to identify which set has more weight and less weight... in the third measurement u can able to identify which ball has less weight

2. A flight started from chennai airport to thiruvananthapuram for a journey of around 2 and half hours..The weight of the flight in chennai airport is 1000kg, what would be the weight of the flight in thiruvananthapuram airport...
Ans: The weight would be less ,bcoz the fuel amount would reduced..

3. Cut the cake into eight equal halves using 3 cuts..the cake is the form of circle.. its simple..try to find it urself..

Thats all friends..I think it would be very useful for u...