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Patni Campus Placement Paper DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
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Paper : Patni Campus Placement Paper DA-IICT, Gandhinagar

Company Name : Patni Computer Services (PCS)
Hi patni visits to our campus here at DA-IICT, was quite a facinating experience for i can\'t resist myself to share this with u all... Eligibility criteria:- 60% throughout 10th,12th and graduation + no current backlogs.
Package:- B.Tech:-3.0 Lacks per annum, M.Tech:- 3.6 Lacks per annum.

There were two round Aptitude and Tech cum HR interview. around 150 students appear in aptitude test..paper was tough enough to filter out the students...i think it is of very good level and also consists of good conceptual questions....GUYZ BE CAREFUL...PATTERN OF THE PAPER WAS NOT TRADITIONAL LIKE INFY N ALL...

40 Q. IN 1 HR.THERE WAS A NEGATIVE MARKING ALSO.. after around 1.5 hr..they announced the results of this round..26 were shortlisted for the next round....after this they gave us a form to fill up...then there was a surprise round to ask all of us to write a letter/e-mail for some given suppose u r project manager n u have to write an letter to VP-Sales regarding delay in ur project...n too many other information were also given.....even though this was not an elimination round but they definately consider it for final evaluation...

After this there was my case there was a cool man out there..he ask me about all HR..blah blah..then ask me to explain that letter solution...and ask from my CV..abt my projects n cool...that\'s enough.... after all the interview had been finished they come up with the final list of selected candidate...10 candidates were selected finally...thnx GOD i was one of them.... bbye... Ankit..DA-IICT, Gandhinagar...

No of Rounds : Techincal Round-1, Aptitude Test