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 1. Six years ago I was three times as old as my brother, and now I am twice as old my brother. Find my brother\'s age.
a) 8 years b) 24 years c) 12 years d) 16 years
2. A boy standing idle sounds a whistle to his friend at a distance of 1200 m moving away from him in a speeding car at 108 kms /hr. Find the duration after which his friend is going to hear him. (Speed of sound = 330m/sec).
a) 3.6 secs b) 4.00 secs c) 40 secs d) None of these
3. Sneh\'s age is 1/6th of her father\'s age. Sneh\'s father\'s age will be twice of Vimal\'s age after 10 years. If Vimal\'s eighth birthday was celebrated two years before, what is Sneh\'s present age?
a) 24 years b) 30 years c) 6 2/3 years d) None of these
4. Three years ago the average of A and B was 18 Years. With C joining them now, the average becomes 22 years. How old is C now?
a) 24 years b) 27 years c) 28 years d) 30 years
5. A train traveling at 42 kms/ hr passes a cyclist going in the same direction in 9 secs. If the cyclist had been going in the opposite direction, the train would have passed him in 5 secs. Find the length of the train.
a) 75 meters b) 60 meters c) 90 meters d) 80 meters
6. A person walks a distance of 18 kms at a particular speed. For the next 30 kms he increases his speed by 2 kmph. Had he walked the entire distance at 3 kmph more than his initial speed, he would have reached 4 hours earlier. Find his initial speed.
a) 3 kms/hr b) 2 kms/hr c) 4 kms/hr d) None of these
7. A man starts from B to K, another starts from K to B, at the same time. After passing each other they complete their journeys in 3.33 and 4.80 hours respectively. Find the speed of the second man if the speed of the first is 12 km/ hr
a) 12 kms/hr b) 10 kms/hr c) 14 kms/hr d) Data inadequate
8. A train traveling at 40 kms / hr while inside the tunnel meets another train of half its length traveling at 60 kms / hr and passes it completely in 4.5 seconds. Find the length of the tunnel if the first train passes completely through it in 4 minutes 37.5 seconds.
a) 2000 meters b) 3000 meters c) 4000 meters d) 5000 meters
9. When a stone is dropped from a building 200 m high, its speed is proportional to the time elapsed after dropping. The distance traveled is proportional to the square of the time elapsed. After 1 second the speed of the train was 10 m/sec and it was 190 m above the ground. When its speed is 25 m/sec, what would be its distance from the ground?
a) 140 m b) 137.5 m c) 125.75 m d) 142.5 m
10. The ratio of 3x years from now?
a) 18 b) 24 c) 30 d) 54
11. If A is 25 kms east of B, which is 12 kms south of C, which is 9 kms west of D. A person starts walking at 3 kms/hr from A towards D. Calculate the distance of the point from A where he is going to meet a person from D walking towards A at 2 kms / hr.
a) 20 b) 12 c) 8 d) 20 sqrt (12*8)
12. Walking at 6/7th of his usual speed, a man is 25 mins too late. His usual time is
a) 7.5 hrs b) 1.5 hrs c) 2.5 hrs d) 1.67 hrs
13. Excluding stoppages, the speed of the bus is 54 kms /hr and with stoppages, it is 45 kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?
a) 9 b) 10 c) 12 d) 20
14. The average age of 12 students is 20 years. If the age of one more student is included, the average decreases by 1, what is the age of the new student?
a) 5 b) 7 c) 9 d) 11
15. The ratio of the ages of Mona and Sona is 4:5. Twelve years hence, their ages will be in the ratio of 5:6. What will be Sona\'s age after 6 years?
a) 8 b) 10 c) 12 d) 14
16. Conversation between two mathematicians:
First: I have three children. The product of their ages is 36. If you sum their ages, it is exactly same as my neighbor\'s door number on my left. The second mathematician verifies the door number and says that it is not sufficient. Then the first says "Ok one more clue is that my youngest is really the youngest". Immediately the second mathematician answers. Can you answer the question asked by the first mathematician? What are the children ages?
17. A train after traveling 50 kms from A meets with an accident and proceeds at 4/5th of the former speed and reaches B, 45 min late. Had the accident happened 20 kms further on, it would have arrived 12 mins sooner. Find the original speed and the distance.
18. Recently, I decided to walk down an escalator of a tube station. I did some quick calculation in my mind. I found that if I walk down twenty " six steps, I require thirty seconds to reach the bottom. However, if I am able to step down thirty " four stairs, I would only require eighteen seconds to get to the bottom. If the time is measured from the moment the top step begins to descend to the time I step off the last step at the bottom, can you