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PATNI NEW:-->>99-->>

1.what is the angle between teo hands of a clock when time is 8-30

2.a student is ranked 13th from right and 8th from many are  there (similer)

3.a,b,c,d,e,f are arranged in a circle b is to right of c and so on(rs aggrewal)

4.chain rule(work&time)

5.puzzle test.some data is given and he asked three qustions below.based on data we have to answer.

6.six questions on venn diagrams.

7.5 years ago sum of ages of father and son ans:40,10

8.assertion and reasoning 1.clouds city of dweloped corentira ans for both is :a walks east & from turns to right & from to left &then 45degrees to right. in which direction he went ans:north west


11.96,85,.(a series with diff 11),3,15,45,....,total 3 questions are given on series

12.a student got 70% in one subject,80% in get overall 75% how much he should get in third subject.

12.a news pwper must have b.advertizements 3.editor 5.paper

13.if clouds are air, air are water and so on where birds fly?,cinema,tv ans:mass media

15.3 qustions on rs aggrewal relations i.e first few chapters of aggrewal (english)

16.a man showed to a woman sitting in a pack & told to his friend.she is the daughter of my grand mother only son ans:daughter

group disscussion topic
1.if you become muncipal corporater what steps you take to develop your area.
2.if you beco me administrative officer of this university what steps you take to improve standards.
3.tell what are the seven problems in calcutta and solutions to problems?
4.abortion is legal or illegal
the following two topics are omportant they asked the same topics to many students by changing the numbers 2050 a nuclear disaster has ocurred and 50 persons are saved.which are of age above 15.of them 20 know 6 subjects and you have to choose only 3 of six subjects so that resticted resorces can used for future
subjects are 1.enggineering 2.medical sciences
6.---- space ship 5men are going1.docter,drug asdditive 2.lady lawer has done
crime 3.teacher emotinally imbalanced
4.18.18 year old aeruonautical engineer 5. noble lauraut .suddenly some thing happend and oxygen is avaliable to only three people to use which of three you choose


here they asked only personal.relating to what you have written in sychometric test and some puzzles. One puzzle is 10 machines are there only one is defective iteams are coming out  how tdo you find out which is defective
second: ** how do you reverse this in two transitions