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A package without body is possible.(T/F)
ans: T

Subprograms have equal scope as variables.(T/F)

Can a cursor be closed for two times(T/F)
ans: F

Transaction function can be used in trigger(T/F)

DDL can be used in trigger(T/F)

A trigger name can have the same name as that of its base table name(T/F)ans:T     

In a PL/SQL block a variable and a table name both are same then which will get highest precedence.

Is PL/SQL reserved words can be used in SQL Ans:It can be used with quotation.

How to write a single quote in SQL
i)""    ii)\'\'\'     iii)\'\'

Can a labeled go to statement goto the inner loop(T/F)

Which are the mandatory parts of PL/SQL procedure.

SQL%ISOPEN for implicit cursor is always evaluateto false(T/F)

Any variable not declared in the declare part assigns value ......

For cursor %NOTFOUND and for PL/SQL
NO_DATA_FOUND(exception)gives the same result.(T/F)

If exception occured in the exception then it will
i)raise in the same block
ii)raise in the outer block
iii)not raise in the same block

PMON command is used for__________

Select * from emp where emp_no=1;
If exist then dbms_output_putline(".....")
else dbms_output_putline("error")
end if;
what will be the output choices are there

If for Update lock is absent then will there any error in the following statement
select * from emp; choices are there. ans is there will no error C h e ta n S

Can a inbuilt exception be redifined by a user(T/F)

var table.value%type;
insert into table(value) values(var);
for var in reverse 4..6
insert into table(value) values(var);
end loop;
insert into table(value) values(var);

can a function overloaded differed by

i)the no of parameters and its type only
ii)their return type

Raise_application_error is used for.........

In SQL SGA area the parser tree and exceptions are stored which
are used for multiple applications(T/F)

PRAGMA_EXCEPTION_INIT(mssge, code no)......

exceptions are executed at
i)compile time

When a subprocedure will be declared within a procedure?
i)at the end of the declaration

Record1 and record2 are declared.each record has two fields with same datatypes.

a)only i is legal
b)only ii and iii are legal
c)all are legal
d)none is legal

Trigger syntax declaration without the option for each row is legal(T/F)

Tablespace contains physical data(T/F)

Rowid is a pseudo column of every oracle table(T/F)

Lpad and Rpad have default pad character is space(T/F)

When %ROWCOUNT is 0 what will happen

i)NO_DAT_FOUND exception will raise
ii)%FOUND will be false


What is the angle between teo hands of a clock when time is 8-30

A student is ranked 13th from right and 8th from many are there(similer)

a,b,c,d,e,f are arranged in a circle b is to right of c and so on(rs aggrewal)

chain rule(workamp;time)

Puzzle test. some data is given and he asked three qustions below. based on data we have to answer.

six questions on venn diagrams

5 years ago sum of ages of father and son ans:40,10 8.assertion and reasoning

1.cloudsnbsp; city of dweloped corentiranbsp; ans for both is :a

Man walks east amp; from turns to right amp; from to left amp; then 45degrees to right. in which direction he went
ans:north west


96,85,....(a series with diff 11),3,15,45,....,total 3 questions are given on series

A student got 70% in one subject,80% in get overall 75% how much he should get in third subject.

A news pwper must have b.advertizements 3.editor 5.paper

If clouds are air, air are water and so on where birds fly?

press, cinema, tv ans:mass media

qustions on rs aggrewal relations i.e first few chapters ofnbsp; aggrewal(english)

A man showed to a woman sitting in a pack amp; told to his friend.she is the daughter of my grand mother only son ans:daughter

Group Disscussion Topic

If you become muncipal corporater what steps you take to develop your area.

If you become administrative officer of this university what steps you take to improve standards.

Tell what are the seven problems in calcutta and solutions to problems?

Abortion is legal or illegal