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Hi Friends

I got selected for training by Patni Computer System ( NonIT for IT category! with 1+ experience )

I had applied to PCS thru the mail id given in the groups.

About a week after I applied,I got the call letter to write the test on July 27th in Anna University,Guindy at 9am.

The process started with the ppt on the company.The auditorium was overflowing. After the presentation the aptitude test was to take place. It was clear that the Team wasn\'t prepared for such a huge crowd. people without the call letter were asked to leave the hall, people without 1yr experience were also asked to leave. There weren\'t enough question papers so the test was conducted in batches.

The test was quite easy, though I don\'t remember the questions I bet u cud attend all the questions if u had just browsed thru R.S.Agarwal questions.

The test was over by 1pm. They said the results wud be put up in the auditorium by 1.30pm. But it wasn\' use roaming around the auditorium & we started walking around & lo & behold the results are put up near the hall. is my name there yes. just in time for the Group Discussion which was running late by an hr.

The topic was "Middle Class-Problems & Solutions". I thought that everybody knew what a GD was but no what I saw of our GD was that everybody opened their mouth at the same time, nobody ready to stop talking & to listen what their friend had to say. At a point I started banging the desk & I said lets start the "GD" please & tried to give the silent members a chance by asking "what\'s ur opinion on this"? "let her finish her point" etc

At the end the evaluators asked each of us to summarise the GD & write in a paper about the events of the day.

That was the end of Round 2.

The selected ppl were asked to go thru a psychometric test.

After which we were asked to wait for interview.

2 rounds of personal interview.I was asked about my project & my work experience. For some there were technical questions related to Electronics. (The interviewer was an electronics guy as only ECE students were asked technical questions!!!)

Training is for 5 months on Mainframes. 2hrs a day on alternate days.We were asked to continue with our current jobs.

After 5 months a test will be held & "if" u pass it & "if" there is any requirement u will be taken in!!!!

The pay will be 14k if u get selected after 5 months till then no salary/stipend.