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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Hi Friends

I got placed in Patni-Pune. I am fortunate, as this was their last recruitment drive for freshers from 2006 batch (This is what i heard from the HR) Total number of grads appearing-about 400 selected for GD-41 selected for interview - about 20 final selection - all 10 got selected i guess..

The selction procedure is quite simple,
1)aptitude test (60 Qs)
3)Tech-HR interview

Aptitude test : candidates.. nearly 400 (or may be more) Mark my words, you wont be able to solve all of them in time, and they know this well. Thats the reason they have lower cutoffs for each section. Portion -
1)Ratios - proportions
3)profit and loss
5)direction problems...and few other topics from RS aggarwal i would suggest you to go through RS aggarwal. If you have given CAT exams before then it wont be much of a problem. But time mgmt is the key. Fortunately, there is no negative marking. Attempt those Qs which you are confident of getting right.

Then you know what to do.. "intelligent guessing" (it worked in my case) English- its quite simple. If you are comfortable with English then I dont see any reason why you shouldnt crack this section.. but they are smart enough to keep you engaged in maths section so that you dont get time for this section.. so again....time mgmt is really impt.. they ask you simple grammar Qs...and comprehension..its quite lengthy.

GD - candidates - 41, we were divided in groups of 10. we were given a simple topic -"love marraiges Vs arranged marraiges" two of the judges were dead against my views and kept on grilling me for 15 mins in the middle of discussion... (thats when i knew that i will be selected). they declared the result in 5 mins.

Interview - candidates about 20, They called us for the interview in a weeks time. for me it was more on JAVA, C++, project was quite cool..good communication skills should get you through... they finally declared the result in 4 days time.. Patni is a gud company but i am trying for infy n IBM as well :-D..the problem is Patni has 2 years bond which i am not ready to sign but i guess i will have to go for it..have got no choice right now.

Anyways guys n gals..goodluck for your future..I am sure you all will get placed in your "dream" company.