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Hi Friends

I sat for Patni\'s test on 25th March @ Mumbai. Following are the Qs that I remember and the gd tips n topic:

-Verbal: 10mins - 15 Qs
  * using prepositions, synonyms, verb forms
  * reading a passage n answering 4/5 Qs based on it - the passage was abt SQL

-Analytical: 20mins - 15 Qs
  * data sufficiency - 2/ 4 Qs
  * logical reasoning - 2/3 Qs
  * one Q : 1 is represented using\'$\' n 0 is represnted using ‘*\'. Numbers >1 represented using these twon symbols only. (eg. 4 = $** n 3 = $$). Symbol $ is doubles wen 1 shifts left from right. How wud u represent this : 17 x 170
(I tried, but didn\'t quite unstand the Q, so left)

-Mathematical: 30 Qs - 40mins
  * Qs were on profit/ loss, percentage, ratio/ proportion, simple/ compound interest
  - Q s are easy but consumes time, so u hav 2 hav a very good speed at solving n understanding the Qs.

Sectional cutoff n negative marking is there! I cleared the apti n was asked to wait for GD.

My topic was: challenges faced by India in 21st century
Other one was: will India be a superpower?

Tips for GD:
Its okay if u don\'t have basic GD etiquettes, what they stress on is, your fluency with English n your confidence level. Its okay even if u speak just one or a couple of sentences, but be confident n fluent! There were 8 of us for Gd n only 1 or a couple of them were eliminated since they were stammering while speaking n didn\'t have good command over the language!