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Ch.Roja (IIIT)
Hello Friends

I m Lingaraj from Orissa.......... Branch: CSE. I have appeared the campus recruitment process of PCS (Patni Computer Systems) on 13th and 14th April of 2007.........
Eligibility criteria: 60% career...

Written Test [60 questions in 70 minutes]
Interview (Tech+HR)

Total 750 apperared.... 235 quallified for the GD.... 120 qualified for the Interview. Finally 70 selected and I was one of them. I appeared in my 6th semester. The written test was damn easy......

There were 3 sections......... Sectional cut-off was there...No -ve marking...

Section-I : English section of 15 questions
1) Sporadic : ( Synonym ) ?  
2) Apathetic : ( Synonym ) ?  
3) Charisma : ( Synonym ) ? 
4) A passage had been given......5 questions on that....( Very Easy..Just read the passage and u will get all the answers )
5) Some fill in the blank questions on simple English grammar.....

Section-II : 30 Analytical questions
Very Very easy...........Questions on Profit-loss, Percentage, SI & CI, Numbers....5 resoning questions....

Section-III : 15 questions     
Some verbal Questions like fill in the blanks on prepositions...
Some apti on probability and permutation-combination....
The cut-off for each section....
Sec-I  : 11 out of 15
Sec-II :  24 out of 30
Sec-III :  12 out of 15

Group discussion: Some of the topics given :
1) Do or Die
2) Education vs Success
3) Failure of Indian cricket in WC-2007
4) We don\'t learn from history, We repeat it ( My group topic )

Int : Good Evening lingaraj, Take a seat.
Int : Tell me about yourself.
Int : What are ur strengths
Int : What are ur views on the topic u were given in the GD.
Int : Tech question on RDBMS, C++, DSTC, C
Int : Do u have any Questions ?

My interview was of around 20-25 minutes. Before being selected in PCS, I have appeared in TCS, Wipro, MindTree, Mastek, Atos Origin.....In all this i have been rejected in the Interview. Finnaly i got it at PCS.

Work Hard ......Success will touch ur feet....THANK YOU ALL..