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Hi Friends

There were 3 sections in Aptitude:
1) Verbal (all like fill in the Blanks with article and preposition)
2) Analytical (critical reasoning and some Mathematical funda)
3) Quantitative (mostly from R. S aggrawal based on Profit & loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Ages, Time & Work )

Questions Like:
1) Share Apples _____ susan & lata.
  a) among b) with c) for d) none of these.

some synonyms from the sentences.
1) repugnance
And 1 comprehension is also provided and 5 question are based on that..

1) 1826+2480-4300 can be written as:__
  a) $ b) $$*
  rule *=0 and $=1
one passage was given and we have to answer according to the information provide in that passage (very Easy part of the Aptitude..)
Beware of Time!!!!

1) if A profits 50% more then B then how many % B lost form A??
2)20% of 30% of 50% of 100 is??
3)20% of 50% of number is 130. then 20% is ??
and many question is based on Problem of Ages and Ratio and Proportion it was very easy...

After Aptitude, got selected for GT (Group Task)
Group Task it was a Case Study...
There were a space shuttle with 6 lives in it. and only 2 parachute so u can save only 2 lives so the question is whom u save and y??? and world also come to end...
6 lives are
1) Economist
2) Priest
3) Astronaut
4) Pregnant Lady
5) Engineering Student
6) Dog

then HR/Tech Interview. which I enjoyed..
and then Finallly Selected in PCS...

Love Sharma