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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Shivraj Singh
Hai Friends

I am Srinivas got selected in Patni. I really inspired by this site and benifitted a lot.
In written selected 60/150, in GD cleared 30 for interview finally 16 are selected.

Here is the selection process,
IN written there will be 60 q\'s 70 min
15---- English
  Here concentrate on articles(3q\'s), synonyms(3q\'s very easy), prepositions, and paragraph questions (big paragraph some what tough)
dont start paragraph

15---- Analytical
  It is little bit hard but u can crack...Venn diagrams(2Q\'s (VIMP),Blood relations ,clocks,seating arragements.

30---- Quantitative (VIMP)
  prepare, Profit and loss, Ratio and proportion, and time and work, SI & CI.
 here 70 % (nearly 20 Q) are only from Profit and loss, Ratio and propotion & SI & CI... don\'t leave these three ....

Some questions are
1. cost price of 12 apples = selling price of 10apples then profit%? (same q repeated for 3 times with different numbers ).
2. selling price given and market price given asked to find cost price.
3. cost price is given and bonus,SP is given asked to find MP.
4. a:b, b:c, c:d are given and asked to find a:b:c:d
5. a:b, b:c, c:d are given and total amount they have is given asked to find d\'s share .
6. SI is given and for the same number of years CI also given.. etc and asked to find initial amount.(Related 3 Q\'s)

Time management is very important factor. Never start with English or Analytical. Start with quant then analytical finally in 10 min u can solve Eng. overall the paper was easy .
Even u know how to do but struck somewhere, blindly leave and go for the other

GD one pannel min 10 (in my pannel 11) he selected 4 from 11
current topics only he gave. Here 3 pannels got "Ragging should be banned in the campus", "Is Foreign coach necessary for Indian team .
I got the first one. u have to talk something, they wil give everyone a chance.

I failed in 2 HR\'s till now but I never experienced such a nice interview. He is so cool and helpful. He is so friendly and even helped me when I was struck.
purely ur subject, he didnt ask anyone from C, C++ ...
everything he asked from my core electronics like what is Mux, Demux. How can we multiplex different signals.
then he asked What is microprocessor, What is the difference between Microcontroller and microprocessor.
about optical fiber operation,
About my strenghts and weakness he asked
finally he asked me any questions. I asked him a question on recent collabaration of Patni with a Telecommunication company
which they didnt mention in the PPT. On that he nearly talked for 4-5 min. That question helped me a lot to get.